Monday, 4 June 2018

Depression as a Spiritual Journey

Circle Network Book Review: Depression as a Spiritual Journey by Stephanie Sorrell is in Paperback £11.99 262 pages Published by O Books Author Website:

There are a wide variety of depressive illnesses, all of which are incapacitating for the sufferer and immensely difficult to understand for family, friends and work colleagues. Stephanie Sorrell, herself a long term sufferer, has searched the world for methods that can provide insight and aid recovery. She describes her own ordeal and how it led her to achieve a Masters in Applied Psychosynthesis Psychology. Psychosynthesis was formulated by Roberto Assagioli over a hundred years ago and is described as ‘psychology with a soul’. This therapeutic approach emphasises the importance of the spiritual dimension which is usually denied by the Western medical model of mental illnesses. Because of the profound nature of depression, many sufferers will be drawn to the symbolic and metaphorical languages of the spiritual quest for meaning and enlightenment.
 This book is not just for the person experiencing depression but also for those who wish to be supportive of anyone with the condition. It could also be very valuable for those in the medical profession who see so many depressed patients but have little empathy for those with the illness. Stephanie has written other books, including a collection of poetry and a fictional book 'The Therapist's Cat' in addition to two books in the new 'Made Easy' series, 'Psychosynthesis' and 'Astral Projection - Overcoming the Fear of Death'. Also available by Stephanie Sorrell, 'Nature as Mirror - An Ecology of Body, Mind and Soul' and with a co-author, Hanne Jahr, Stephanie has written 'Trusting the Process'. review by Wendy Stokes

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