Sunday, 24 December 2017

Movement Medicine - How to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams

Circle Network Book Review : Movement Medicine - How  to Awaken, Dance and Live Your Dreams By Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan Paperback £10.99 Published by Hay House

We have seen the paintings of the dancing girls of ancient Egypt and we know that King David danced before the Ark of the Covenant, so it is with acceptance that we take a modern journey of the dance of life that connects us with the movement of all life
forms. Susannah and Ya’Acov Darling Khan are dance specialists and their comprehensive knowledge is presented in an articulate and interesting self-development course. Guided meditations are provided in the book that use movement and dance to assist entrance into an inner and personal space which allows healing and rejuvenation. Movement is instinctive and therapeutic and necessary for our physical, emotional and mental health. Dance also encompasses the spiritual dimension and is the next step to joy and exhilaration. The art and creativity of self-expression through movement is promoted as both enjoyable and life enhancing. Susannah and Ya’Acov are directors of the School of Movement Medicine which offers workshops and teacher training. They studied with Gabrielle Roth and with shamans, teachers and healers around the world and have over twenty years of experience of this health and art-form. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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