Thursday, 13 July 2017

A Guide to Sacred Activism

Circle Network Book Review: A Guide to Sacred Activism By Andrew Harvey  Paperback £10.99  Published by Hay House Author website:

Andrew Harvey is 2011 winner of the prestigious Nautilus Silver Award for Social Change and is the founder of the international Institute for Sacred Activism and the Academy of Sacred Leadership. He has taught at Oxford and Cornell and other prestigious universities. He is known as a modern day visionary and mystic but, for me, his role is close to that of the Old Testament prophets; urgently warning, kindly admonishing and desperately pleading to prevent planetary suicide. 

Andrew Harvey does not save us from the hardship of looking at overpopulation and the resulting pollution of air, soil and seas and animal extinction due to hunting and loss of habitat. He manages, however, to find hope within the sadness and courage within the fear by asking the reader to join him in his path of Sacred Activism. His work as a spiritual teacher is tremendously impressive and progressive as he plans for a community which can improve the lives of those yet to be born. Harvey walks a truly spiritual path and his compassion and self-sacrifice are proof that he has something immensely important to offer our Western world. This is the path of belief in action and I thoroughly enjoyed this book. It ticked all the boxes for me: insightful, honest, intelligent, down to earth and valuable. It will become my bible!

Richard is the author of over 30 books including 'The Hope', 'The Direct Path', 'Son of Man', 'Sun at Midnight',  'Mary's Vineyard', 'Light Upon Light', 'Teachings of the Christian Mystics', 'Teaching of Rumi', 'Perfume of the Desert', 'Return of the Mother', 'The Way of Passion', 'A Journey in Ladakh', 'Love's Glory', 'The Divine Feminine', 'The Web', 'One Last Mirror' and 'Burning Houses'. There are courses to download from his website. All highly recommended.
Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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