Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Family Constellations Therapy

Circle Network Book Review: The Science of Family - Working with Ancestral Patterns By Nikki Mackay Published by O Books Paperback £9.99
Author website: http://www.flybroomstick.co.uk/

The author, Nikki Mackay, is a well-known writer and editor of WHG Magazine, an online ezine for the pagan community in Scotland. She is also a psychic medium and healer and a Family Constellations therapist, practising in Aberdeen. Her clients visit in person, for one or more sessions and some homework can be conducted using mediations, affirmations and visualisations.

Family Constellations is a form of psychotherapy founded in the 1960s which examines how patterns of behaviour take place due to the unresolved traumas of past generations (termed systemic entanglements) and these result in present problems, some of which are self -destructive or hurtful to others. When we realise how the past has imprinted on our life and is motivating us to unconsciously act in a certain way in the present, the awareness changes our behaviour. Family Constellations therapy can be used to increase efficacy, creativity and success, to understand family dynamics and it can be also be a useful tool to use in the business world to increase wealth and improve relationships.

Formerly Nikki Mackay was a Medical Physicist and she unites her scientific background with a modern New Age approach. The book describes her unique approach to the therapy and how tarot archetypes, sound, chanting and energy healing methods can be used to assist the healing process. It also provides case studies of those whose ancestral line has been deeply affected by war, sibling death, isolation, abuse and secrets in the family. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes http://www.wendystokes.co.uk/

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