Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tantric Love Letters

Circle Network Book Review: Tantric Love Letters Author: Diana Richardson Published by Manta Books Paperback: £12.99  221 pages

The author, Diana Richardson is a leading authority on tantric sex and has written several books on the subject (some with her husband, Michael). She trained with the Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh Community and the Barry Long Foundation. A qualified lawyer and therapeutic massage teacher, she conducts 7 day workshops in Switzerland on Tantra with her husband. Also authored by Diana Richardson 'Tantric Orgasm for Women', 'Tantric Sex for Men', 'The Heart of Tantric Sex' and 'Slow Sex'. 

From the Introduction: Tantric Love Letters is a unique, interesting and informative collection of authentic letters from people who have begun to look at sex from a ‘new’ perspective and bring about a ‘change’ in their way of making love. This personal correspondence is made available in order to encourage and support those people who have already embarked on a sexual enquiry, as well as to inspire or motivate others to begin exploring other dimensions of sex right away.

“Tantric Love Letters offers information in the form of correspondence about the joys, delights and splendours of sexual union and the magic of sexual involvement. It explains how an open, relaxed light energy can facilitate a blissful experience and this is available to everyone. This book beautifully demonstrates how Tantric Sex can be a magical meditation.”  
Reviewer: Catherine Foroughi, Author of ‘This is It: Enlightenment with CYoga’

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