Tuesday, 5 December 2017

Ancient Egyptian Magic

Circle Network Book Review: Ancient Egyptian Magic Classic Healing and Ritual for Modern Times By Cassandra Eason Published by Vega Books Paperback 192 pages Author website: http://www.cassandraeason.com/

Cassandra Eason is the author of over 30 books on New Age spirituality and she is an international speaker and workshop facilitator. 

This is a book written for those who wish to practice Egyptian ritual, so I must start by acknowledging that I am reading for academic interest and have not tried the suggested rituals. However, this book is full of history, myth and magic. I was fascinated by the perspective. While I am tied to my English roots now, there was a time when I would have enjoyed practicing these rituals. In my teens, this was the book I longed for and craved.

The author's approach to magic is both ethical and sensible, positive and is not fluffy. It does not encouraging foolish or trivial things. It is aimed at adult practitioners. It is nicely written and easy to follow. It is possible to dip into when you need something specific. If you are seeking a book of Egyptian magic, I think this one is well worth reading.  Reviewer: Nimue Brown, author of 'Personal Demons' and 'Druidry and Meditation'. http://www.druidlife.wordpress.com/

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