Tuesday, 1 December 2015

The Future of Healthcare

Circle Network Book Review: The Guiding Philosophy for the Future of Healthcare: It’s Not What You Think… (Actually It Is What You Think!) by Nancy J Gordon PhD Paperback (106 pages) £8.99 Published by Ayni Books Author website: www.nancygordonwellness.com

Dr Gordon is a psychoneuroimmunologist and has worked for 22 years as a national wellness consultant, lecturer and coach for individuals and corporations. With tools and techniques that monitor thoughts and emotions, she helps people to become the best they can be and has worked with US Olympic swimmers on mental welbeing and creates a wellness programme to meet  individual needs. She provides education and training in Universal Laws, stress reduction, ergonomics, self-care, teamwork, work-life balance and anger management. She has written many papers, articles and books on enabling and empowering people.

This book is written for healthcare practitioners, as well as for all patients. We are challenged to examine our personal, long-held beliefs about the causes of good health and how disease is created. Dr Nancy Gordon presents a new philosophy, defining a core belief about health. Her statement that we must change our beliefs in “what creates health before we actually change how we conduct and participate in healthcare” is the main concept of the book.

The holistic connection of body-mind-spirit is explained and that thoughts, emotions and beliefs can be tools to create health. If we focus on enhancing health, rather than eliminating disease, our inner selves can access ways to heal.

While our current methods of enhancing health - diet, rest, exercise - are helpful, we need to understand that creating health is more than this. Positive emotions, such as love, gratitude and serving others create positive energy, which is essential to prevention of disease. Negative emotions, for example, anger, despair and hate  form energy blockages which prevent good energy flow and can lead to disease.

A phrase that occurs repeatedly throughout the book is “what we focus on expands.” Dr Gordon points out that this phrase is based in Universal Laws. Our healthcare focuses on the treatment and management of disease creating our perception. Readers are cautioned about self-talk, what we believe about our lives, relationships, jobs, our bodies, our health, etc., because what we focus on, expands!

Although this book explains fundamental concepts, it also presents practical advice. Perhaps the most important section of the book is the '10 Principles' that must be incorporated into healthcare in order to develop harmony with ourselves, others, and the natural world. Each principle is explained and the necessity of introducing each into the healthcare arena. One example is the relationship between the practitioner and patient – how the practitioner’s loving, compassionate thoughts and words is essential to the patient’s healing (and not a list of possible negative outcomes).

Dr Gordon believes each person needs to take responsibility for his/her own health and the last section is  entitled “Steps to Wellness”. This is a practical list of how to create good health. This book is easy to read and provides useful information on how to create health and wellbeing. Reviewer: Deborah Lloyd Author of 'Believe and its True' Visit: http://www.deblloydhealing.com/

Nancy Gordon speaking about energy:

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