Sunday, 9 July 2017

Pendulum Magic

Circle Network Book Review: Pendulum Magic for Beginners  -Power to Achieve All Goals by Richard Webster Paperback £13.50 288 pages Published by Llewellyn Worldwide Author website:

Richard Webster has written over twenty books about psychic subjects and his experienced and comfortable style is perfect for ‘easy to understand’ books for beginners. Published by the specialist publishing house, Llewellyn Worldwide, it has all the hallmarks of the best book on the subject of pendulum dowsing on the market today.

The use of the pendulum in history is older than I expected and the work of a French priest, Father Mermet to find water in South America, missing people and animals and to find archaeological remains in Rome, impressed the Vatican.

Webster teaches us how to ask questions to get the best response, how to choose the most effective pendulum and he provides several methods to increase dowsing skills. He provides some enjoyable pendulum rituals and some interesting games. The pendulum works with those who are have integrity and are sincere and the pendulum can be used for self-development and to discover the best path in life. There are excellent exercises at the end of the book for accomplishing goals and some fascinating work coupling the pendulum with Hawaiian Kahuna spirituality. Not just a book for beginners but also for the intermediate and advanced practitioner. A very informative and valuable book about dowsing and related topics. 

Reviewed by Wendy Stokes

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