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The Lightworkers Healing Method

Circle Network Book Review: The Lightworkers Healing Method -Be Who Your Soul Wants You To Be
by Lynn McGonagill
Published by Morgan James Publishing 326 pages     £25.95

The book begins with a wonderfully enlightening story about what happens the day when Jesus returns and is followed by the author’s own story of how the Lightworkers Healing Method was born. The author has been working with higher dimensional
beings for over twenty years and was given this amazing healing method by spirit twelve years ago. She has been accessing Divine Healing Energy and spirit guides, the client’s own future self and higher self to heal and has trained students across the world and both people and animals have benefited. The book is written in an easy to understand style and the exercises and tutorials are effective and can relieve all kinds of health issues. Anyone can perform healing using this method, to heal others or to heal the self, to live the Divine Plan as the Universe intended.

There is a practitioner training, an online community, a distance learning programme and a mentoring system to assist in healing and training progress, several featured interviews and a series of videos. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes Author of The Lightworkers Circle Guide – A Workbook for Spiritual Groups www.wendystokes.co.uk

This excerpt from the foreword is kindly reproduced with permission from the author:

               Jesus Just Came By
Once, a very well known televangelist made an announcement that he had a vision that Christ was coming on January 19th. At first there was a deafening silence then a storm of public ridicule broke up in the media.

But then a preacher of a large church in one of the large cities in the United States made the same claim. He said he had exactly the same vision on the same day as the televangelist. He said he did not have the courage to be ridiculed so he did not come out first.

While it was easy to make fun of the televangelist, the second preacher was a very respectable person held in high esteem even by the president of the country. As a result other reports started to flow in. There were preachers of all denominations and from various countries. Reports started to flow in from countries around the globe.

Christ was coming on January 19th.

Everyone started to claim that Christ was coming to their church. Donations were sought to make their churches worthy of the coming of Christ. Newer bigger halls were built to accommodate the crowd. Some reserved the biggest public halls in town to seat thousands of people.

The press was having a heyday.

But now there was credibility to the story. The only question remained as to where Christ would come. Some very important theological councils were held. The clergy decided that it was certain that Christ would come on January 19. The proof was overwhelming. The visions of preachers in Korea, Iran and Poland were viewed as incredulous.

Soon rational structure was provided to the council’s statement. After all, America had the best communications system in the world and the message of Christ could be beamed instantly around the globe and the world could be converted to righteousness. The kingdom as in heaven would be here on earth. God works in miraculous ways. This made sense to most Americans.

It was no longer a question of if He would come. It was now a question of where in America would He come.

Each congregation wanted to make sure that He landed in their church. One church started a major fund-raising drive to build a new sanctuary to befit the sermon of Christ. One congregation voted to update its entire choir. They hired the best musicians in the country. One church started a major fund raising drive to replace their organ because Christ would not tolerate music from their old piano. One church had their front lawn dug up to replace their zoysia grass with fescue grass because zoysia was not going to be green enough in January. Another congregation got together and repainted their church. The board of another church took a trip to Hawaii to ponder how best to plan for the event.

There was a great amount of enthusiasm in the air. Church attendance rose dramatically. Churches had to create new and enlarged welcoming committees. Churches had to request volunteers to come and count the money flowing in.

On January 19, mothers woke up their children early. Children jumped out of bed on the first call. Most had not even been able to sleep. That night there were special television and radio shows. There were singing marathons, lock-ins, midnight services and many other activities. The air was electric.

Each one dressed in their best clothes. There had been commercials in the media suggesting that people avoid baths and instead take just showers. Jingles about the virtues of 2 minute showers were all over the waves. Even the first lady could repeat the jingle on television. Different times were allotted for showers and use of toilets, based on the alphabets of their last names. “Can you imagine if everyone in the nation was to flush the toilet at the same time?”, the honorable Vice President said during his interview on a famous show.
The morning of January 19 was a cold, foggy morning. A poor wretched man sat on the sidewalk over a stone bridge over a canal. He sat with his knees drawn to his chest and his head buried between his knees; his crumbled hat indicating where his head was. The man who looked way beyond his real age was huddled in sparse clothes. He was obviously cold and hungry but few, if any, noticed him as they passed him on the way to their church.

One child had a quarter to give to Christ when he came that day, but decided to give to the poor homeless man instead. The father gave him a sermon on the virtues of hard work. Some gave their children the sermon on the ills of liquor as they passed the old man. Others chose to look away. But most did not notice at all. They were too engrossed in the greatest happening of all time. The traffic was heavy and people had to be extremely careful when crossing streets.

 A woman was walking to work at a food pantry for the poor. She stopped and invited the poor man for a meal at the pantry. As they walked, the poor hungry man asked the lady why she was not in church. Did she not know Christ was coming today? She was surprised. She had somehow missed all the news. She was also ignorant of all the theology in the world. As the story goes, the services on January 19 continued until late at night. Preachers had the best sermons they ever gave. The choirs were at their best. Fellowship continued that day till late at night. People did not leave their churches till they were ready to fall down with fatigue. But alas! Christ did not show at any of those churches.

The media had a heyday again. The membership of the churches started to fall faster than before. News about coming of Christ was never to be taken seriously again. Somehow no one found out about the little lady who serves food at the pantry. She still believes that Christ comes there every day. Excerpt by Balbir Mathur, Founder, Trees for Life, www.treesforlife.org

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