Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Hans de Waard Interview

Our physical, mental and emotional wellbeing are affected by many factors: our lifestyle, upbringing, socio-economic status, work, family history, etc. Accidents and injuries, psychological trauma and our disposition affect our ability to cope with anxieties, depression and distress. If we could change our motivations and our perspective, we could empower ourselves to improve our health. To help us become aware and empowered, Hans de Waard, a
metaphysical healer from Holland, has developed a method to improve our life - and help others to improve theirs also. It is called the ‘Jacket Technique’. Hans, a Spiritualist, understands that spiritual influences also affect us.

Wendy: Hello Hans, please tell Circle Network readers something about yourself and your work as a spiritual healer in Holland. 
Hans: From an early age, I felt hindered by feelings of insecurity and this resulted in stress and exhaustion. I found that these feelings were reflected in situations and by people that I met. So I started working on myself and investigated and experienced many therapies but none suited me. As a result, I developed the ‘Jacket Technique’ which can help with relationship difficulties, free creativity and end limiting beliefs. The aim of the Jacket Technique is to increase awareness and relieve difficulties of all kinds, including depressive thoughts and anxiety states. We have had some very good results with addictive personalities too. Emotional difficulties restrict and confine us like a strait jacket so we are unable to move and change our life in a way which would be beneficial. It feels like we are carrying excess baggage on our back. The Jacket Technique removes this feeling and replaces it with good feelings.
Because I am a Spiritualist, I believe that the spirit survives earthly death and wishes to provide healing energy, proof of survival, and advice and guidance so that we can live our lives in more loving and more fulfilling ways. Illness, whether it is mental, emotional or physical, is often caused through tension, disorientation, depression and distress. The origin of these feelings usually lies in the past. This is widely recognised by the medical profession. What is not so readily known is that spiritual illness can result through an attachment by an earthbound spirit that does not want to leave the physical world and wishes to use someone for its own desires. This attachment causes ill-health. As a spiritual healer, my work is to relieve, remove and release the burden of these attachments, and restore wellbeing. The spirit is informed that it has no longer a physical body and must enter the spirit realms where it will be met by those who will provide assistance for its transition. When these spirits are healed, my clients often describe feeling lighter, as though a burden has been lifted and they have a greater sense of freedom and happiness.

Wendy: Please tell us how spirits can affect us.  
Hans: Spirit attachments are more common than recognized and can cause uncomfortable and problematic symptoms, such as fatigue, nausea, dizziness, mood changes and addictions. They can affect us spiritually, mentally and emotionally, and ultimately physically. JT is a tool to remove these entities in an easy and effective way.

Wendy: Can you provide an example please? 
Hans: Mary was a middle aged woman who came to see me because she was sleeping badly and waking with nightmares. She explained a dream of dark shadows that I considered could be spirit presences. She confirmed that she was feeling frustrated and lacked patience. I asked her a few questions about her medical history and her use of pharmaceuticals and I noticed she had a dark presence lurking behind her. I guided her through a meditation and cleared the presence. I then talked her through a jacket session to remove negative thinking habits and I installed a protective ‘jacket’ against further spirit influences. During this session, she described tingling in her hands and feet and then a warm and comfortable feeling of peace and physical and mental relaxation. Her face visibly changed and she looked many years younger than when she arrived at the consultation. She said she felt like a weight had been lifted off her shoulders.

Wendy: Is it possible to train to be a JT practitioner? 
 Hans: Yes, the technique has been extremely popular and I have facilitated courses in many countries around the world and will be facilitating a training course in the UK very soon. The training can be used as an addition to a previous training in healing, coaching, counseling or complimentary therapy or on its own as a complete training. Practitioners pay an annual membership fee which includes: Their listing in our JTI (Jacket Technique International) Referral Directory; A free promotional page on our international website; A free monthly newsletters with useful information; A certificate of JTI membership and Ongoing Support from JTI. Interview conducted by Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

The Launch of ‘The Jacket Technique’ was attended by a rich array of people from wide and diverse disciplines and specialities: a retired doctor of medicine, an architect, a psychic artist, an ArchDruid, a hypnotherapist, a Theologian, several tutors from the College of Psychic Studies, healers and mediums and one young woman who travelled from Scotland specially to attend the event.  

Hans de Waard is the Dutch formulator of ‘The Jacket Technique’ and during his presentation he explained how we develop negative patterns of thinking and how these can be removed. Hans has a gentle and warm manner and with his soft voice offered a group meditation which removed the jackets which had been burdening the attenders. Hans was then available to sign copies of his book, ‘The Jacket Technique’. 
 The venue for the launch was the London Spiritual Mission in the midst of bustling Notting Hill Gate. This antique Spiritualist church was filled with fresh flowers and has beautiful stained glass windows and you can hear a pin drop, so quiet is the atmosphere created here.  

Hans is already in demand as a course facilitator and speaker. The Jacket Technique is already available in many countries throughout the world and is receiving many column inches in the press.  The Cygnus Review published a page article in October;  Prediction Magazine published a three page article in November, and Psychic World has Hans on the front page of their November issue. Hans was interviewed for BMS Radio, a US East Coast radio show in late October and is welcoming further radio, TV and magazine interviews.

If you missed this launch and are curious about ‘The Jacket Technique’, the book is available to order from all good bookshops or from Amazon.  On page 150 you are invited to use a code which enables you to receive a full Jacket removal from the website: www.jackettechnique.com

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