Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Tarot Transformation - Tiffany Crosara

Circle Network Book Review - The Transformational Truth of Tarot – The Fool’s Journey By Tiffany Crosara Published by Dodona Books Price: £14.99 ISBN: Number of pages: 258
Author’s website: http://www.transcendentaltemple.co.uk/

This is a valuable book on a fascinating topic which both beginner and more experienced user can benefit from. The author, Tiffany Crosara has 25 years of working with the tarot as she was introduced to it when she was a perceptive and sensitive young person. Her first name, ‘Tiffany’ means ‘epiphany’ or ‘revelation from God’ and her work as a tarot reader and teacher is certainly inspired. She is one of the UK’s top tarot readers and teachers. 

Tiffany’s book provides background on each card which is illustrated by the Rider Waite deck and explains how to provide a good reading for oneself and for others and there is also a sample spread. She provides information which includes tarot links to numerology, astrology and Kabbalah, the symbolism and meaning of each of the Major and Minor Arcana cards; the Court Cards; swords as spirit, cups as emotion, wands as creativity and pentacles as manifestation tools. She reveals often difficult times of her own life and her great empathy with the experiences of others. She invented 3 golden rules, that tarot should be used for positivity not negativity, for healing and not prediction, and for empowerment not dependency.  

You will find several excellent examples and exercises in the book to help you get the best from your tarot work, whether it might be recognizing connections between the cards and your birth chart or following the cards through life stages and noticing how the cards mirror your own life lessons. Suggestions for diary recording are also informative as is the method to find ‘your base note’. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes www.wendystokes.co.uk

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