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Nigel Peace - I Ching

Nigel Peace

Circle Network Interview: Nigel Peace: 
Wendy: Hello Nigel, please tell 'Circle Network' readers about yourself.

Nigel: My life has been a strange and wonderful journey. I have worked as an engineer and as a maths teacher, but I always had one foot in the alternative world of the paranormal and in the study of consciousness. Now I am working as an artist, an author (of a comedy novel and a book about the I Ching), I see private clients for consultations and I teach at the College of Psychic Studies in Central London. The main focus of my work is the ‘I Ching’ which is an ancient and extraordinary oracular method. I’ve been using it for thirty years, for myself and for others when they have requested consultations. A consultation normally takes about an hour. 

Wendy: Please tell us more about the I Ching.

Nigel: The I Ching Book of Changes (pronounced yee ching) is a Chinese divination system which is thought to be over four thousand years old but is just as relevant today as in the past. The results are amazingly accurate and it provides wise guidance on practical and spiritual challenges, such as work, home, relationships and other issues. It is based on understanding the underlying forces that shape our lives and it helps us to achieve harmony with them. We may offer a question for the oracle to provide guidance. 3 coins are then thrown and there are 4 possible combinations of heads and tails, with different probabilities. These are interpreted as 'yin' or 'yang' or 'moving yin' or 'moving yang', each represented by a specific kind of line. The procedure is repeated 6 times to provide 6 lines, which is called a ‘hexagram’. There are 64 hexagrams in the I Ching book, each corresponding to a particular kind of human situation. It is the relative positions of the lines to one another that yields the interpretation; in particular, the 'moving lines' indicate the changes in our situation and where they are likely to lead. The philosophy it provides is that all life is continuously moving through rhythms of change, like the seasons of the year. There is a kind of matrix of subtle energies under the surface of life that cause this flow. If we understand these, then we can make better decisions about the path we should follow. The I Ching book is written in a way that teases out the underlying forces so we can bring deep knowledge and understanding into everyday awareness. Often the oracle can be very surprising. Some people are put off by the book’s air of mystery and esoteric language, especially in the original Wilhelm translation. However, there are several modern versions, though I’m not sure if any capture the true spirit of the book as Wilhelm did. Wilhelm’s work was endorsed by Carl Jung who believed that a ‘reading’ uses genuine synchronicity to access information in the collective unconscious. 

Wendy: Can you provide an example?

Nigel: Ron was my client and came to see me because his girlfriend, Sarah, had requested a separation. The I Ching revealed Hexagram 31 called Wooing and the Hexagram 62 which can be seen figuratively as the roof of a house about to collapse; thus the situation must change. In the hexagram's general commentary, Ron is told that he must appreciate Sarah's needs better and examine his own feelings. Indeed he accepted these stipulations and gave the matter serious thought and soul-searching. The separation was not necessarily final as long as he understood the need for change and acted with love and spirituality: no grand gestures, but patience and care. This was a significant challenge for Ron, especially when they had both been deeply hurt and upset. In this instance, the I Ching described the situation and also empowered Ron in making choices. It also suggested likely outcomes of those choices.

Wendy: For those interested in this subject, Nigel, how can they receive more information?

Nigel: I believe that everyone can easily learn to use this oracle for themselves and receive its guidance. My book ‘Lighting The Path’ is a down-to-earth guide in everyday language on how to consult the book and understand it. It includes the first comprehensive glossary of I Ching language and is available from Amazon. My workshop at the College of Psychic Studies will describe the book’s history and will illustrate it with a live consultation and I am available for one-to-one’s, please see my website for details:

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