Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Water Color Lenormand

Bouquet - The Card of Wishes Granted

This deck consists of 39 cards designed by S M Senden, a scientific illustrator who was impressed with the amazing accuracy of the Lenormand system of cartomancy. The elegant simplicity of the images are presented in original water color paintings by Senden that are true to the original Lenormand images without the inserts.

This deck is perfect for the beginner who is learning the symbols of the Lenormand cards, and it is also suitable for the advanced readers who like the clean lines and elegant simplicity of these cards. The Dog card is a beautiful rendition of an Irish Wolfhound that captures the nobility of this handsome animal - a fiercely loyal dog that is gentle and loving unless threatened. The Ring card features intertwined rings as another way to express the concept of cycles. The Mice Card are nibbling and wielding their destructive actions. The Snake card is pictured with two heads to underscore the deception that this card implies.

The cards are standard bridge size and the deck includes three extra cards. Included is the card of 'Time' which, in a reading, can inform when an event will come to pass! 'Killing time', for instance, would be a combination of 'Time' and 'Scythe'; the 'gift of time' would be a combination of 'Time' and 'Bouquet' (featured); the 'end of time', or 'time is up' is a combination of 'Time' with the 'Coffin', and 'play time', a combination of 'Time' with the 'Child'.

This deck is a limited edition and will be signed by the author. The cost is $35.00 plus postage of $4.00 for US clients and an extra $10.00 for international buyers. If you would like to purchase, please click on the link: https://phoenixproductions.bigcartel.com

Madamoiselle Lenormand (1768-1843) gained an incredible reputation as a card reader in her lifetime. She lived through the turbulent times of the French Revolution and read for the nobility as well as revolutionaries. Among her clients were Josephine de Beauharnais (future wife of Napoleon) and her remarriage to the Emperor was predicted. Miss Lenormand also read for St. Just, Robespierre and many others.

Lenormand used her own unique method utilizing cards, astrology, and other forms of divination. A number of diary entries from clients have survived.

None of her original decks have been found and it is generally accepted that the Lenormand decks we know today evolved from a game created by Johann K Hechtel from Nuremburg, published in 1799; called The Game of Hope.

The Lenormand system utilizes simple images that are combined to create a meaning that has been described as 'chillingly accurate'. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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