Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Sivananda Buried Yoga

Circle Network Book Review: Sivananda Buried Yoga By Yogi Manmoyanand
Published by O-Books 308 pages: Paperback price £9.99 Author’s website: http://yogavillage.org/teacher.html
Sivananda Buried Yoga is a personal journey by Yogi Manmoyanand and explains his explorations and discoveries of yoga in the format of the Yoga Sutras including Vedantic, Sankhya and Tantric methods. The author describes it as 'the never-before-told-reality of yoga'.

After living with the ascetic yogis in a cave in the Himalayas, the author's teacher, Angadanand Saraswati, chose him to carry forward the teachings that he has practiced, on behalf of the linage. On leaving the Ashram, the author was shocked to see that no one was willing to accept yoga in its purest form.

The book is an attempt to find those who are willing to go further than ‘the top row of veneer’ that interests many modern teachers instead of the real and pure yoga that comes from the roots of the sacred mountain caves in the Himalaya. The book blends both science and spirituality and clarifies the true path of yoga and invites all those who are interested in the spiritual realms to a further level and discover more.

I have found the journey of Yogi Manmoyanand opened up for me, an array of questions, such as: Why am I practicing yoga? What and how much do I hope to gain from the study of yoga? How far do I wish to delve into the inner territory and truly discover how to go into states of Samadhi?

I am a year younger than the author; I commend him for finding his way to Samadhi at an early age. My yogic path has been walked to free my mind and to do this through discipline and practice of asana, pranayama and meditation. I have learned how I can continue to cleanse and purify through personal practice and mastery.

The book provides, through the author's experience, confirmation of the transforming truth of yoga. I agree with Yogi Manmoyanand, that without a committed and dedicated daily life practice, yoga does indeed become reduced to a physical fitness system and transformation does not occur. We have many layers to clear and need a diligent yoga practice for the psyche to truly evolve. There are many people who will claim to have practiced yoga for many years, yet are none the wiser and have ingrained habitual patterns on a subconscious level which occur without their awareness. To be prepared to go into the depths and into the true path of yoga is to uncover unconscious behaviors and to find the true meaning of what the practice of yoga offers.

Yoga is one of humanity’s greatest gifts and the author represents it well and places it easily for the reader to understand and enjoy. Reviewer: Andrea Tteja www.infin8space.com

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