Thursday, 1 December 2016

Self Healing Techniques

Circle Network Book Review: Know That You Are Loved - Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone by Philena Bruce Pages: 109 (paperback) Paperback price: £7.99 Kindle price: £4.92 (Amazon) Published by O Books  Author’s website:

Since Louise L. Hay’s seminal book “Heal Your Body”, thousands of books have been published with the magic words of ‘heal’ or ‘healing’ in the title. Philena Bruce’s book 'Know That You Are Loved' is one of these. Subtitled “Self-Healing Techniques for Everyone”, this short book offers straightforward solutions to life’s most common problems and does so in less than a hundred pages. 

The first part of the book contains simple methods for making life happier and achieving a sense of fulfillment. Then, the second part has tried and tested methods that Philena has used over the past twenty years of her healing journey. As an energy healer, she believes nearly all physical problems are deeply rooted in the emotional body. My favourite is Chapter 11, titled 'Finding the Emotional Cause of Physical Problems'. Throughout 'Know That You Are Loved', all chapters are peppered with effective exercises and visualisations to help the reader in key areas of life, from developing a non-judgemental attitude to creating healthy relationships, from using toning to 'kick your smoking habit' and, most importantly, how to feel loved by the Universe.

What sets 'Know That You Are Loved' apart from the countless other books on this subject matter is its honesty and simplicity. In a gentle and inspiring way, Philena encourages the reader to become their own healer. With a reputation which spans more than three decades in the healing arena, Philena definitely knows what she’s writing about and her message is crystal clear: Make friends with the Universe and make unconditional love your goal! This message, based on common sense, is something that deep down we already know, yet tend to forget at every opportunity.

Soaked in Philena’s irresistible loving energy from beginning to end, 'Know That You Are Loved' is a wonderful investment for anyone who wishes to manifest a better life. Treat yourself to a copy. Keep it next to Hay’s 'Heal Your Body' and keep them within reach! Philena Bruce (B.A. Econ. & P.G.C.E. Maths) is also a palmist. She was brought-up in Hampton Court Palace and later studied palmistry with the Principal of the London School of Palmistry. She worked at Mother Teresa's Children's Home in Calcutta before going to Father Bede Griffiths Ashram in South India, where she began her healing path thirty years ago. Philena has a private healing and reading practice and has developed a practical tool-kit to help her clients create the future they want, physically, financially, mentally and spiritually. Book reviewer: James Baydar, Healer, CPS Accredited Email:

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