Thursday, 1 December 2016

Angel Experiences, Emma Heathcote-James

Circle Network Book Review: True Contemporary Accounts of Hundreds of Angelic Experiences by Emma Heathcote-James Paperback £6.99
Published by John Blake Publishing Author's website:

Emma Heathcote-James took her first degree in Theology from Birmingham University in 1997 and was continuing her research for a doctorate when she noticed that angels were a fashionable and popular talking point. She advertised for personal testimonials from people in the UK who had experienced an encounter with an angel and she received hundreds of replies, many of which are reported in this book. The author had an experience herself of what could be described as an angel encounter, though she remains neutral throughout the book, reporting as a good researcher should, without prejudice. She hints that religions based on revelation, such as Zoroastrianism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity and Islam as having been inspired by angels. In historical and religious literature, angels acted as intermediaries between God and humankind, giving warnings and answering prayers. Some, appeared as ordinary people, others appeared with wings. Julian of Norwich, Hildegard of Bingen and Teresa of Avila, each described angel encounters as being accompanied by a beautiful scent. Angels of all kinds are described, including the angel of death. It’s all you ever wanted to know about angels – and more!
Emma has written several other very popular books, including ‘Psychic Pets’ , ‘After-death Communication’ and ‘They Walk Among Us’, and has appeared on numerous TV and radio shows to talk about her research projects. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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