Sunday, 8 October 2017

Angels in my Hair - Lorna Byrne

Circle Network Book Review: Angels in my Hair - The True Story of a Modern-day Irish Mystic by Lorna Byrne  Published by Arrow Books  352 pages Paperback: £7.99  Kindle: £5.22 Author's website: 

Lorna Byrne was able to see and hear angels as a child but was slow to learn at school and her parents considered her backward. She was brought up in very deprived financial circumstances and was a lonely child but angels surrounded her with messages of love, comfort and good fortune. Helpful spirits, such as Michael, Elijah, Arabia, Kaphas and Bird Angel guided her, advised her of the future, and granted her healing abilities in later life. As a child, Lorna needed to keep her psychic ability secret as even her parents (and later her husband) did not fully understand her, though they grew in understanding as Lorna developed her gifts.

This autobiography includes hundreds of angel encounters experienced by Lorna and the book has reached the Sunday Times best seller’s list. It was followed up by ‘Stairways to Heaven’ and both have been translated into many languages. Lorna is a popular international speaker for engagements about her life and the angels that she sees and receives messages from.

The angel encounters in the book reminded me of the artist and poet, William Blake, who saw a tree in Peckham Rye filled with angels which he reports were bespangling every bough like stars’ when he was about nine years old.

After reading a couple of hundred pages of angel messages and the effect that life and the angels had on the author, I discovered the book did have a charm for me. When meditated on bringing Lorna’s angels to me, I felt their presence, flitting around me. Book Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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