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Golden Tarot Review - Kat Black

Circle Network Card Review: Golden Tarot by Kat Black Published by US Games Systems Inc £21.20 quality box with 78 cards and 198 page explanatory book. Website:

Originally produced online where it gained publicity and recognition, this very beautiful card deck is produced to a very high standard and edged in gold leaf. The illustrator has used paintings dating from (1200-1500), a little known period known as International Gothic Style of the late Middle Ages and early Renaissance. Many are owned by European churches. Tapestries, silks and brocades, carving, gilding, landscapes of hills, castles and crowns, gothic arches, stained glass, palfreys, talbots and flags, ornamentation and fine detail are the enjoyments of this deck. Classes of feudal society and aspects of human frailty are shown. The Rider-Waite symbolism is the foundation for the card concepts. The deck is for use more for personal insight and review than psychic fortune telling.  

I think the deck will be especially enjoyed by women. The Fool is portrayed as female, as is The Chariot. It is suggested we select a card for the day, perform a three card spread of past, present and future, or choose an 11 card Celtic Cross Spread. There is also an 8 card Horseshoe Spread.

 I have chosen the Moon card which depicts a full moon on a outcrop of rock with various
 animals in the  moonlight between two white columns. There is a stag  silhouetted against the moon and a greyhound chases a hare up the rock face. A  crayfish and crab lurk on
the pebbled beach. ‘That which wanes will grow full again.  There may be  obstacles to overcome, but if you struggle through the  darkness, glad times will 
In addition, I have chosen a three card reading for a past, present and future reading sample: 
Past: Eight of Swords showsa woman standing in a harsh icy landscape. She is blindfolded and bound although so loosely she could break is she struggled. A stream flows past her and eight swords are impaled in the ice. The meaning is bondage, dissolution and loss of hope. A time of difficulty  and indecision could make matters worse. There are troubles ahead, possible misfortune.
Present: Nine of Coins depicts a finely robed woman standing in a lush field holding a hooded falcon. She has a basket of grapes and a fattened lamb frolics behind her.  The meaning is financial security brings freedom for accomplishments. With basic needs meet, finer things can be appreciated, such as art, nature and literature. Feminine strength. Encouragement of skills and talents.
Future: Queen of Cups. This card depicts a beautiful blonde Queen standing at a table. She is dressed in an ornate gown of red and gold wallpaper hangs from the wall behind her. She holds a book and quill. On the table is a basket of doves, a cup of water with a glass decanter and a scorpion. The meaning is a warm and loving woman, maternal and nurturing. She is gentle and insightful and considers the needs of others. She is loyal, honest and completely trustworthy. She does not assert her own opinions or personality. She is a lover of the arts and represents the sign of Scorpio. 

Kat Black is a member of the College of Digital Collage, a webmaster, author and artist who has a major interest in European religious art and she lives in Australia where she has exhibited her artwork to great acclaim. 

It is a very classy deck to work with, of the highest quality materials and the booklet gives an excellent summary of the cards' concepts. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes


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