Wednesday, 12 July 2017

Seek Joy - Toss Confetti - Cehovet and Tesh

'Seek Joy - Toss Confetti' is a book which helps us to get more out of life, to raise our vibration and experience joy. Just by reading about this subject creates an awareness of the importance of this small and often overlooked word! We are introduced to joy as a spiritual quality which provides energy and healing.

“When I am happy, when I feel joy, the world around me functions from a peaceful mode. When I am unhappy, when I do not feel joy, the world around me functions from a chaotic mode. Peace versus chaos – I choose joy and peace!

Authored by two effective writers, Bonnie Cehovet and Brad Tesh, this workbook offers us a way to live our life in the best way possible It is written in an ‘easy to read’ manner; it is light and conversational, like sitting with old friends chatting about something beautiful and wonderful that they wish to share to help to enrich the lives of other people. Joy is being in the moment, being authentic and appreciative, purposeful, and often it is the simplest and smallest aspect of our daily life that can provide this feeling of fulfilment and satisfaction. The book is not about ignoring sadness, pain or difficulty but noticing how easy it is to increase our joy of life in general regardless of our circumstances. Some tips are provided to work through depression and bereavement. 25 tips are provided to help us through difficult times. The Wheel of Life, a meditation celebration of the seasons and of ourselves as individuals offers us peace, balance and understanding, it takes us through a time of honouring nature and honouring the seasons of our life.  

Webster’s Dictionary definition: Delight, pleasure, gladness, rejoicing.   

Extract from Chapter 6 - Laughter: "Laughter certainly does open a gateway to other worlds. When we laugh, we relax. All the stress and tension leaves us, and we are open to seeing things from a very different perspective. When we laugh, we access that that simple, care-free inner child. We gain the ability to connect with other people in a loving way. We have the means to move past conflict, and find a common ground. The stress and drama of everyday are suddenly not so important. Laughter and Joy become the important things in life."

Even those who do not have a naturally sunny disposition can activate a love of gladness and happiness and these two charming authors are committed to a life path of joyful expression and education and though difficulties and hardships will occur in life, seeking joy will help us to get through better and quicker. Be determined to bring greater joy into your life because it is certainly possible to bring about a transformation through positivity and creativity, and this book will help to motivate you on your joyful journey. It contains a 25 point plan to bring some joy into each day and 16 steps to facilitate this. When we do the things that bring us enjoyment, we feel healthier and happier straight away. Prioritise joy and make provision for it. Make a list of those things and make sure your life does not go past without experiencing the very thing that makes life so precious and rewarding! No matter what disasters befall us, this book helps us to gain expertise in a wonderful expression of our humanity, one which we are all capable of achieving with ease and delight. It’s an informative, insightful and valuable book. Available in paperback or Kindle format from Amazon Enjoy! Website Brad Tesh:
Website Bonnie Cehovet:

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