Sunday, 7 January 2018

Improving Spiritual Partnerships

Circle Network Book Review: Spiritual Partnership - The Journey to Authentic Power by Gary Zukav UK Paperback £12.99 Published by Rider

Gary Zukav is a graduate from Harvard, the most prestigious university in the US, and he served as a soldier in the Vietnam War. He has described how addictions affected his early life and this created a subsequent search for personal development that has taken him on a journey that especially examines power issues within relationships.

His first book, The Dancing Wu Li Masters, won the American Book Award to Science, and its follow up, The Seat of the Soul, became the leading New York Times best-selling book 31 times and was listed for 3 years. His later books, The Heart of the Soul and The Mind of the Soul were also New York Times best-sellers. Gary made regular appearances on the Oprah Winfrey Show during his writing career and went on to co-found two organisations, The Seat of the Soul Institute and The Genesis Foundation, both with his spiritual partner, Linda Francis, who has also co-written books with him.

In this book, Spiritual Partnership, published in 2010, the author describes how a great transformation in the use of power dynamics is taking place. The information within the book compares two types of individuals, the present kind, described as ‘five-sensory’ and a new kind, described as ‘multi-sensory. The ‘five-sensory’ have limited understanding of others and perceive the world through self-defining goals and the ‘multi-sensory’ have an ability to truly love and care for others, both on an individual and organisational level. He uses religious, philosophical and psychological dynamics to underpin his premise and he provides examples from his personal life and that of others to explain his principles. The overall message is one of how humankind can change its priorities to ‘heal parts that do not love and cultivate the parts that do’. Book reviewer; Wendy Stokes       

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