Thursday, 1 December 2016

Jocelyn Chaplin

Book Review: Deep Equality - Living in the flow of natural rhythms By Jocelyn Chaplin  Paperback: £9.99 Published by O Books Author's blog:

Feminist philosopher and psychotherapist, Jocelyn Chaplin, is a popular speaker and teacher and is the author of Love in an age of Uncertainly and Feminist Counselling in Action. In this latest book, she describes how we can only achieve fairness and justice in society by aiming for rhythmic rather than hierarchical behaviour.

Our earliest and most ancient memories are related to the rhythms of the planet, the flow of the tides, the patterns of the movements of the sun and moon and of our own heartbeat and other bodily rhythms. By increasing our awareness of these natural pulses we can improve our wellbeing. If we can flow in harmony with our energy levels and circumstances, we can be happier and healthier and experience more gentle and enjoyable relationships which offer true understanding and kindness.

Jocelyn Chaplin describes herself as a Feminist Psychotherapist, Artist, Buddhist Meditator, Pagan Priestess, Taoist Philosopher and a Sufi 'nobody'. She doesn't like labels and prefers to move between these according to context. She has been an active member of the Pagan Federation for many years and occasionally leads seasonal rites at Conway Hall. 

'Deep Equality' provides several reproductions of Jocelyn’s paintings which demonstrate in art the flowing and curving, weaving and wandering of her philosophy. These art-works are inspired by the ancient energy of the female godhead. Jocelyn is co-founder of the Serpent Institute which promotes personal transformation and social change and
holds courses in London. Email: or tel: 02074850264. Her courses explore a spiritual philosophy which focuses on equalisation. This is to complement the increasing desire for more equality in our divided world. There are talks and discussions around the philosophy of interconnected opposites, a meditative and ritual practice is introduced to honour nature, and the introducing of psychology to enable freedom from the deeply damaging effects of hierarchical mind sets, which will assist living in a greater flow of natural rhythms. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes 

Jocelyn and Wendy are co-facilitating a workshop on aspects of love and caring at Clearly Destiny (5 mins walk from Euston station) on Saturday 8th February 2104 from 11am - 5pm. £60 please use the booking line: 0207 387 0358

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