Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Spirituality of Carlos Santana

Circle Network book review: The Spirituality of Carlos Santana. Edited by Nicholas Nigro. Hardback price: £11.99 Kindle edition: £8.22 104 pages Published by Backbeat Spirituality Press.

Carlos Santana grew up in a family of musicians, and played in the Santana Blues Band (later the name was reduced to 'Santana'). With his inspiring Tijuana and Latin rhythms and virtuoso performances he impressed many big stars of the rock and roll era, including The Who and The Rolling Stones and he has received many prestigious awards.  

For a while, in the 1970s, Carlos became a follower of Sri Chinmoy, an Indian musical guru and spiritual teacher. Though this relationship ceased, Carlos continued to create a spiritual and philosophical path, incorporating humanitarian ideas into a search for meaning and purpose. He is fearless and outspoken in his condemnation and has been an inspiration to many.

Some of his most impressive spiritual beliefs and teachings are humble and caring and concerned with our obligation towards the weakest and those who are overlooked in society. His words are those of someone who has seen much of life and has developed compassion and understanding about its true meaning.

This book makes an ideal gift or a keep-sake for those fans who wish to draw closer to their idol and also it is valuable for those who are seeking  spiritual path and would like food for thought. It provides a short biography, many wonderful quotes and a bibliography. 


"To me, being spiritual is not being meek. I don't know anything about turning the other cheek. I don't believe in violence, but I believe in taking action."

"We all have something to contribute."

This is just one masterpiece in an innovative series of books from Backbeat which provides insight into the spiritual path followed by legendary performers and popular icons whose understanding of life can motivate and inspire us. Follow Backbeat Books on twitter:  https://twitter.com/backbeatbooks

All titles in this series cover the chapter headings: 'spirituality and purpose', 'humanitarianism and obligation', art and inspiration' and 'selfdiscovery and virtue'

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