Tuesday, 1 December 2015

Card Deck Review - Angel Cards

Circle Network Review: The Angel Deck - 50 messages from the angels we meet everyday by Chrissie Astell Published by Octopus Books £12.99 Strong lift top uncrushable box and high quality large card stock with information which includes how to use the cards and offers story, poem, prayer, visualisation or meditation and includes what angels are, advice from the angels by the author and sections on the 'role of angels' and 'loving power' with illustrations in the public domain. These are sorted again by way of card five titles, such as Angel Reassurance, Angelic Connections, Angels in Action, Angelic Guidance and Angel-being. Though the cards can be used as a 'card for the day' guidance, I have decided to send one to friends in the post as a change from sending a greeting card this Christmas. Each card can stand alone and provide some upliftment for those who are unwell or going through a period of difficulty. 

A sister deck to The Angel Deck is titled 'The Prayer Deck - 50 prayers for everyday living'. Once again, the high quality large size cards in a strong lift off uncrushable box. Also £12.99 and published by Octopus Books. Each card carries an individual picture of a scene of peace and beauty and a prayer or poem from well known and lesser known spiritual teachers and from many of the world's spiritual traditions, including Jewish, Buddhist, Celtic, Christian, Native American, Hindu, Ancient Egyptian, Hebrew, Druid, African, etc. Out of the two decks, this was my favourite. 

Heart and Soul Angel Cards by Angela McGerr, Angel card specialist, with a deep pink silk case with booklet in full colour with a page explanation for each card. Information on how to layout cards and interpret them. Angelic guidance in linking you to your heart's desire with your soul's purpose. Can be used as a companion set to Harmony Angel Cards. Harmony Angel Cards are about issues within your current life phase. 4 suits of 12 cards. With information on how to invoke Angels, connect with animal guides and use light tools. Included are sample readings and layouts. Well produce book in full colour, one page for each card.

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