Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Shadow Light Cards

Circle Network Review: The Shadow Light Cards By Elk Woman and L Guescini, £9.99, Published by Mystic Mouse Publishing, 52 cards and a leaflet of 16 pages. This card deck is for personal use only, not to provide readings for other people. These square shaped 3 inch by 3 inch cards are designed to carry concepts to help the user attain 'unity' of consciousness. The cards are contained in an attractive mauve coloured pack which depicts a mandala with a skull design in the centre. The fronts of the cards have a larger skull design. Crystal skulls are extraordinary artworks carved from quartz crystal in ancient times and are said to evoke inspired feelings and thoughts within those who meditate upon them. Some think these skulls can also predict the future. 12 of these cards have a white face, these are the 'light cards'. They carry single positive words, such as 'empathy' 'solitude' responsibility' and 'judgement'. 40 of the cards have a black face and represent the 'shadow'. These have dual words in opposition to each other, such as 'awareness and delusion' 'creativity and career' 'experience and challenge' 'empowerment and victim'. These are designed to make us think, become aware and also provide caution.

The leaflet explains that the cards are designed to assist in the dealing with difficult emotions by bringing thoughts and memories to the surface for integration. The method of use is to choose one or two cards and meditate upon the colour of the backs and the words on the fronts and to ask a question. On the white cards, it is suggested that consideration is given on how the word could have bad connotations and with the black faced cards, how we possess conflicts within our personality. By meditating on these terms, the conflict is allowed to be examined and can be resolved.

Following the instructions, I chose one card and asked a question: What is the negative shadow around cleaning my study? I shuffled and chose at random. Card number 45, a black card, reversed, was revealed and therefore 'criticism' and 'authenticity'. Meditating upon the upright concept, I do criticise myself for not managing to find what I need when I need it. This sometimes contributes to feelings of impatience and frustration with myself and with others. I decide to have a spring clean and take unwanted items to an animal charity shop that I support. Authenticity is very important to me and my work. As it occupies the upturned position, I am to consider how this can create problems for me. Many people fear speaking their truth due to condemnation from others who do not think similarly. In the spirituality movement, there is a strong desire to be seen to be on the ‘right’ path and to comply with fashions and many spiritual people do not like conflict or confusion and withdraw to prevent hurt. However, I think authenticity and integrity are imperative to a spiritual life path. It does get me into trouble when I speak my mind, but I decide to be fearless with my truth. To thine own self be true! My study might not be spick and span but another conclusion that was perhaps more important occurred to me. I think it is a complex deck but it has potential to unlock aspects of the shadow. Without knowledge of the shadow aspects of ourselves and of our need to mature and develop our spirituality, we are unlikely to make valid progress.  Review: Wendy Stokes


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