Friday, 30 June 2017

The Eye of Horus Oracle

Circle Network Oracle Review: An Oracle of Ancient Egypt - The Eye of Horus - by David Lawson, published by Connections Boxed set of 25 stones in a bag with a 160 page book. 
The ancient Egyptian culture was a leap in evolution, understanding of spirituality, knowledge of mathmatics and consciousness of the wonder of the animal world. The oracle is to provide guidance, inspiration and insights. Many ancient spiritual tradition have eyes of protection. The Eye of Horus was a symbol of healing, intuition and vision and to ward off danger, illness and bad luck. It is possible to use the oracle for oneself or other people. 

The book explains about the dynasties, the four major cult centres, family trees of the deities and about symbols, archetypes and hieroglyphics. There are quotes from ancient texts and information about the oracle and how to cast it. It is possible to take a stone for a reading each day, week, month or year or one stone can be drawn for a special project or event. A stone can also represent a person. Positive affirmations are provided and information on how to create your own oracle. There is advice offered, such as 'do not impose your ideas on others, allow discussion and examination of the situation. There are 25 visualisations and meditations offered and information on how to prepare for them. Black and white scans of the stones provide recognition in the book plus an artwork to help connect with the deity or building. There are upright reading and reversed with explanations for both and there are several spreads suggested, such as The Wisdom of Maat, The Secrets of the Sphinx, The Treasures of the Pyramids, The Relationship and the Eye of Horus with several sample readings provided for each.

We are still in search of our spiritual roots, meaning and purpose. I enjoyed working with the stones which were a change from cards. There is good advice and wisdom here in this oracle, especially for those who have a connection with ancient Egypt. Review by Wendy Stokes

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