Wednesday, 13 September 2017

Universal Goddess Tarot

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Universal Goddess Tarot by Maria Caratti, published by Lo Scarabeo. 5inches by 3 inches card size. £22.95 

78 goddesses of the world pictured with latin numerals only. Major and minor arcana with court cards all pictured. Information is contained in the little white booklet is in English and 5 other languages. Suggested 'Temple' layout has 6 cards; 1 and 2 represent the current situation, cards 3 and 4, the solution, 5 offers a sacrifice and 6 the response. The deck can be used for meditation upon a goddess, for fortune telling or for learning about personal growth, learning and enjoyment. Card backs are designed in such a way that it is impossible to know before the card has been revealed whether it is upside down (reversed) or not but no reversed meanings are given in the accompanying leaflet. There are words from the mouth of the goddess to guide, advise and inspire. 

This card featured above is 'Angerona' Goddess of the Winter Solstice and represents 'silence' - the mother who never asks questions but welcomes you into her benevolent arms when you are tired or uncertain. This is a delightful deck, the paintings are of quality and are convincing as deities. The information in the insert is adequate and concise. There is a paperback by Antonela Platano to accompany the deck and a deluxe edition. This is one for pack which will deliver a valuable reading every time, without fail! 

The 8 of Pentacles describes the  expert hands which shape and transform the most ordinary clay into something magical. The goddess described in this card is from ancient China and her name is Nu Gua. She is the creator goddess who brings all life into being. Here in this image, we see a naked woman lying on the green grass with the pentacles surrounding and protecting her. She is surrounded with butterflies and flowers. 

It's a very beautiful deck! A prize to own and it gives advance level readings for those who understand the archetypal nature of the cards. 

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