Saturday, 9 March 2019

Runes Oracle Cards

Circle Network Card Review: Runes Oracle Cards by Bianca Luna with artwork by Cosimo Musio. The box contains an instruction book (in English, Italian, Spanish, French, Dutch, Portugese and Russian languages) and 24 cards.

This deck was commissioned by Lo Scarabeo and I enjoyed the excellent paintings. Runes are the ancient alphabet of the Nordic people and each image is a symbol which has meaning. There is information about the author, and instuctions on how to read and divine with the cards and how to prepare yourself for a reading. Each card is detailed with information about its ancient meaning, a key word for quick reference, the image portrayed on the card, what kind of energy the card has, and a suggested meditatation on each card. 

There are several spreads offered, The Milestone is a very simple one card reading. The Celtic Cross uses four cards, The Spread of the Three Wise Men has three cards, Spread of the Psychic has four cards. There is useful information about meditation, such as a Classic and a Focused Meditation style, and how to use the cards as a talisman. You can charge a card with power so that you can leave it by your bedside while you sleep and it will give you the power you require. 

New Beginnings. The rune ‘Ing’ is associated with fertility, birthing new projects and the success of a well thought out plan. ‘The journey to the river’s end, Be long with danger fraught; And he who walks with providence, Must shackle every thought; And when upon the rock he stands, With victory in sight; The spectre shall be
 cast away, to perish in the light.

I have also chosen Laguz which means water. It has the number 21 and means inspiration. The associations are that this card is tied to the fertile power of creativity. The image is of a siren on the shore of a body of water. She is lost in thought, her expression is inspired and happy, she seems to be in harmony with the surrounding nature. The Runic Inspiration is that just as the water is necessary for plants to grow, so the imagination is necessary to give colour, strength and meaning to our lives. A romantic vision and the desire for beauty bring about an interior evolution and an increase in our power. Suggestions for meditation: are we in contact our creative energy or do we remove it as it frightens us? How do we feel when we are in love? Full of energy, shaken, intimidated? Are we afraid of change? The power of the Luguz brings empathy and increases our understanding of ourselves and others. Review: Wendy Stokes

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