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Colin Fry Interview

Between tour dates in recent years, Colin lived in Zarzadilla De Totana, Murcia, Spain
where he has enjoyed time with his civil partner, Mikey, and where he has supported and fund-raised for a dog sanctuary. Last month he needed to cancel tour dates due to radiotherapy illness.Sadly, he lost his fight to lung cancer on 25th August 2015 and we send our sincere condolences to his large congregation, to Mikey and his family and friends.

Colin Fry was one of the UK's leading Spiritualist mediums, with magazine and radio credits to his name, and Most Haunted, Psychic Private Eyes and 6ixth Sense TV programmes.
Suzi Quatro called him 'The Real Deal'. He has worked with many other famous psychics, such as Derek Acorah, Tony Stockwell and TJ Higgs. Colin made on average 130 live appearances each year, and visited Australia, Japan, Ireland and many other countries.
Colin was born in 1962 and had been working as a psychic since his early adult years and was also a registered healer. He trained as a bereavement counsellor and was ordained as a Spiritualist Minister with the United Spiritualist Church. His hobby was collecting antique clocks and watches and caring for his three dogs.   

Colin writes to Wendy: When I was 11 years old, I was walking home from school when an ambulance passed me in the street. I heard my deceased grandfather's voice saying, 'Mum has had an accident but will be OK'. When I arrived home, my mother had fallen down the stairs! I have been a medium since that time and have taken many additional qualifications which I pass on to others through teaching, ministering, healing and supporting. I try to make a difference to the world! My work as minister, medium and healer is a vocation and it requires a great deal of me. Since discovering the art of positive thinking, I have become passionate about it. Thinking positive has such potential to change and enrich lives. I find it is totally complementary to my spiritualist beliefs. I think if I could encourage everyone to be appreciative of all the good things in life and pass them on to others, then I will have accomplished something valuable. I think it is possible to express a caring spiritual path in many ways, such as adopting homeless dogs or supporting a charity which is dear to your heart.  

For those who believe in the afterlife, no evidence is necessary - and for those who do not believe, no evidence is enough! There is more to mediumship than 'proof of survival'. Some people do not want to believe. I am very strict that no-one gives me any information about who is in the auditorium prior to a platform event so I do not overhear a conversation about someone who is present. 

I tend not to speak about my spirit guides because, when my audiences come to see me, I am contacting their loved ones and friends and this is why people come to see me but all mediums should be proud of their spirit guides, of which we all have many over the course of our life. Magnus is my principle guide, and he is the spokesperson for a number of eminent spirits in the spirit world, collectively known as the 'Diamond'. Magnus speaks through me when I am in a trance. He has encouraged, supported and protected me. Occasionally, I conduct trance demonstrations and those that have an interest can speak with him directly. 

There are two DVD's available which demonstrate our work together, 'A Voice from the Light' and 'Magnus Guides'. Magnus also assists me when I am healing. Sometimes, during a demonstration, I am guided by Magnus to offer healing to those in the congregation. Magnus teaches that love is paramount, life is eternal and that we must care for the world that children will inherit. Magnus was a wealthy technical publisher who lived in West Kensington in late Victorian times. After death, he realised he caused others suffering and pain and now, from the spirit realms, he wishes to make the world a better place for everyone.       

My dear friend, George Cranley influenced me and taught me always to try to be the best I can be, and to try my hardest at all times. He also encouraged me to be cautious, which is unusual. Most people encourage everyone to "take risks", but George said more or less "take calculated risks". He was a moderate man. Another person who comes to mind is Michael Cotton, who guided me in my youth and kept me out of trouble. I can't describe how important he was to me and I owe him much. All young people should have a father-figure, such as Michael. He will be remembered for his kindness for a lifetime and beyond. I don't know if readers will be familiar with the amazing medium, Leslie Flint, a direct voice medium who was tested considerably during his lifetime. His work impressed me because many famous people spoke through him. 

The preparation and passing into Spirit of my dear friend, Michael Cotton, is the profoundest event in my life. He believed in me at a time when I did not believe in myself. I cared for him for eight years when he was diagnosed HIV. The day he passed into Spirit, I decided to commit myself to mediumship and healing. He has been, and still remains, the biggest influence on my life because the legacy of inspiration he left with me has allowed me to create friendship bonds with some of the most wonderful people imaginable. Michael taught me to see good in people and also to believe no mountain in my life is too high to be conquered.

Brazil is one of my favourite countries and the people are very spiritual, warm and friendly. My civil partner and I got engaged there so it will always be an important place for me and one to visit again in the future.

I would like to recommend the book: 'On the Edge of the Etheric' by Arthur Findlay. Arthur Findlay was born in 1883 and was what would be called a Renaissance man because he was an accountant, a writer, a stock-broker and a researcher. He was a founding member of the National Institute for Psychical Research. 'On the Edge of the Etheric' is only one book of many that he wrote. In it he discusses the theory that spirits are linked to subatomic physics. This was amazing and research into orbs by physicist, Prof Klaus Heinemann leads to a similar conclusion. Arthur Findlay was an Essex magistrate and bequeathed his wonderful home, Stansted Hall, for use as a Spiritualist college.  I find that admirable.

I asked Colin whether he had a channelled message for our world leaders and Colin said: The world relies on each and every person to make it a better place. Life is not all about material considerations; the planet needs each person to act now to promote and implement environmentally friendly energy. We must stop talking about ecology and actually address the problem on an international level. After thousands of years of historical experience, it's time everyone understood that war only begets more war. It's high time our society was advanced enough to resolve issues without conflict. Colin Fry 25th August 2015 RIP
Interview by Wendy Stokes:

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