Sunday, 12 November 2017

Nature's Whispers Cards

Nature's Whispers Oracle Cards are 50  attractive individual artworks by Josephine Wall, with guidebook text composed by Angela Hartfield. The cards are hard boxed with the guidebook which provides all necessary information: how to use the deck, clear the cards, and ask a question, shuffle and choose. The booklet also suggests a one card daily message, a 3 card reading of past, present and future, and a 4 card Relating Spread. Each of the cards is explained in approximately 50 words and carries a number and a title. As we live in a high tech world, we are estranged from the wisdom and beauty of nature and this deck suggests we can create opportunities to reconnect with it. Whispers of Love is a companion deck by the same artist and writer, also with 50 cards. 

I have selected at random cards for a short reading of Past, Present and Future: The first card is number 40 Show Your Support. As a card which describes the past, it tells us we have taken time to encourage a colleague, coworker, family member or friend. We were the strong shoulder or willing volunteer and a good listener and provided a safe place for their concerns and feelings to be discussed. We provide extra time for this person or sponsored their work, shared in their success, created a network of support, just as the trees provide shelter and comfort. We created a community of love where everyone gained. The second card, chosen to represent the present is number 35 Culmination of Vision. It tells us that we need to take positive action towards our goals and aspirations, be adaptable and fine-tune the details of our work. Reflect on our desires and make sure our attitudes and beliefs are in alignment with what we wish to accomplish. We need to let go of any aspect or quality that no longer fits what we want to accomplish. Lastly, the future is described as number 29 Contemplation. We will enjoy our own company and will appreciate a wonderful time to reorganise and reconsider doing the things we most enjoy. We will make a point of allowing our mind to wander away from the everyday concerns that occupy our time and will give ourselves opportunities to be inspired. We will hear our inner voice and listen to our own counsel. Delightful! Reading Wendy Stokes

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