Monday, 18 January 2016

Fairy Tale Fortune Cards

Liz Dean's Fairy Tale Fortune Cards are a deck of 36 'Lenormand' style cards which uniquely each reflect a symbol taken from popular fairy tales. The hard box with side opening holds quality cards neatly packaged, and contains an explanatory booklet, published by Cico Books. Artwork is by Bev Speight and is a very simple design which could almost be a block print. Cards carry a title and a simple subtitle with a direction of possible meaning. Six layouts are offered in the booklet along with instructions. You could choose a card a day for contemplation. The Master Method includes all 36 cards or you could choose a 'yes' or 'no' reading. The cards are designed for guidance, for yourself or a friend. 

Each card is accompanied by the story of a fairy tale that has a valuable message. This card is titled 'The Tree' and whenever it is chosen, it brings the possibilities of improved health and long term benefits. The tree itself is a symbol of spiritual growth, development in relationships and of course, it is a symbol for our family tree, so we remember those within our extended family and those who have gone on the great journey into the world of spirit. The booklet includes a story of the Singing Ringing Tree which has the message that growth is always possible, no matter what our situation, we can make the best of it and remember that past challenges make us stronger.
This card is titled Doubt and Confusion and it explains a time of depression and anxiety and not knowing who to reply on or which way to turn. This is a dangerous time, perhaps caused by a fateful event which now needs some careful thought about how to address the difficulties. This is a time when friendship is most important. A true friend is one who stays with us patiently and kindly and without selfish interest to help us out of the doldrums. It is thought that exercise is good for depression and anxiety, especially walking in nature, when stresses can be reduced. Walking alone sometimes or sometimes with a friend can be very beneficial for our psychology. If you have a dog or can borrow one from a friend or naighbour, dog walking is highly recommended for those who have low moods, feel lonely or need exercise. Review by Wendy Stokes

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