Saturday, 22 October 2016

Spirit Orbs

We have all seen opaque circular balls of light on digital photographs. These strange objects are also seen on CCTV cameras. Klaus Heinemann was a NASA physicist and has a PhD in experimental physics. He believes these strange circles of light are spiritual phenomena and that they have a vital
message for our world today. Orbs have taken Pam Raworth, a Chingford resident, on a journey of discovery that began with the tragic death of her husband. Her grief was transformed by the orbs which made their appearance on her photographs. Some have patterns and some have images within the central space, some have beautiful colour combinations, some are moving, some still, most are orb shaped, but some have other shapes, reminiscent of birds, fairies or angels, and other possibilities. Pam, like Prof Heinemann, believes that the orbs are appearing to give us messages from the spirit world and that they have healing abilities. Pam has created this book to display some of her orb photos, most of which were taken in her garden or home with her Nikon automatic digital camera. She is interested in the feelings and thoughts which occur to those who view these photos in the book and requests people call in to The Bookshop in Station Road, which is owned by Joanna Raworth, her daughter or get in touch through her Facebook page. Pam is working with Susan Dunderdale Jones to produce meditations for the sequel to this introductory book, so watch this space!

‘Amazing Orbs – Orbs and Other Light Phenomena’ by Pam Raworth is published by Balboa Press (a division of Hay House) £12.99 and features a selection of 48 excellent photographs of spirit orbs (each approx 8 inches x 8 inches in size and accompanied by a short introduction). Visit: Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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