Wednesday, 13 June 2018

The Secret Language of Animals

Circle Network Card Deck Review: the Secret Language of Animals Oracle Cards by Chip Richards, published by Blue Angel Publishing £15.99 46 cards with explanatory booklet.

The booklet provides information about how to use the deck, with each card numbered and titled and provided with keywords, a spiritual perspective and a message and affirmation. There is a section about the importance of understanding current planetary concerns and some recommendations of charitable institutions who are involved in protecting endangered wildlife, many of which are teetering on the edge of extinction

There is a dedication to the 'loving, living pulse of Mother Earth and all her sacred children' and that God speaks through nature and how our evolution is bound up with our awareness. The whale, bee, snake, eagle, all so different, all so unique. The author was influenced by nature as a child in Colorado and now living on the coast of Australia where he feels in communion with the natural world.

Cards which feature rare species are divided into 5 categories or suits: Water - Blue Whale, Polar Bear,  Dolphin, Salmon, Dugong, Sea Turtle, Crayfish, Shark. Earth- Lion, Gorilla, Snow Leopard, Caribou, White Rhinoceros, Elephant, Python, Lizard. Air- Eagle, Falcon, Pelican, Albatross, Condor, Fairy-Wren, Crow. Fire - Wild Horse, Dragonfly, Lotus Blue Butterfly, Orange Blossom Jellyfish, Orange Bellied Parrot. Wood - Giant Panda, Timber Wolf, Orungutan, Tree Frog, Stick Insect, Red Squirrel, Koala, Black Cockatoo. There is also a card titled Gaia, The Goddess of The Earth which created such variety of life.

There is a single card choice for 'this moment' and a Medicine Wheel Spread. This deck publicises the importance of our magnificent species of planet Earth, and, of course, other species depend on them for their survival, the ecosystem being interdependent. Competition for land to grow crops for the ever increasing human population, hunting for meat, pelts and trophies, mining for gems stones, metals and building stone, pollution of seas, soil and air all contribute to their demise. Working with the cards cultivates a sense of reverence and respect for their struggle and makes us wonder how long many of these, and the thousands of other critically endangered species will be living in the wild. 

Bee has key words: Creativity, Purpose, Harvest, Devotion and the information follows that in Egypt, the tears of the Sun God, Ra, landed on the desert sand and became the bees of the world. When the Hindu Gog of Love drew back his bow, the string was made of honeybees. When the ancient Essenes entered Holy Communion with the Angel of Creative Work, they called upon the bees and devoted their collection to divine nectar. Rock painting which date back 15,000 years, depict humans gathering honey which is a food source and medicine, an antiseptic and a preservative. Bees clean their own cell and they help nurse other bees. Each member plays a vital role in the productivity of the hive.
Lynx is a card of discernment and inner vision. The card tells us to ‘look beyond immediate appearances’ because you are missing something by focusing on the outer appearance. It is time to use a more softer focus to discover what is less obvious and less apparent. There is more to this story! It suggests getting away from your usual surroundings, and be still enough to detect your heartbeat and breathing. Be aware of the rhythms around you. Observe without judgement. Develop an ability to look for and discover deeper truths. 

 Reviewer Wendy Stokes: 

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