Friday, 4 March 2016

Titania's Spell Cards

Love and Success is a bright red velvet flip lid box containing cards which each have a short spell and also a gentle painted image  with message compositions by Titania Hardin, who has a prolific output of popular books of spells, divinations, rituals, potions, etc. Here 64 cards, with simple illustrations by Janet Simon

Peace & Harmony Cards are presented in a superior quality purple vet flip top box, each card carries a pastel image country tradition and a suggestion how a little spell could be conducted. Bees, beads, salt and other common and household items are profiled.

Health & Happiness Cards are presented in a similar style midnight blue velvet flip lid box with 64 cards featuring for leafed clover, wishing wells and white rabbits and similar, as above. For both decks, you are invited to choose a card, place it under your pillow or light a candle of a similar colour to the card and consider your intentions. The cards are most suitable for someone with an interest in superstitions and for entertainment for the budding 'witch'.

Titania's Spell Cards by Titania Hardie, illustrated by Janet Simon  Choose your wishes carefully, for they can come true. 64 magical spells show how to give the gift of peace and harmony to your friends and family. Symbols include, elephants, rainbow, salt, purse, black cat! Select a card at random, place it on your mantelpiece. Or choose a card, light a candle and use your wish power to fantasise your desire.

Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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