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Servants of the Grail book review

Video of Philip Coppens speaking about the creation of sacred space
Circle Network book review: Servants of the Grail - The real- life characters of the Grail legend identified by Philip Coppens, published by O Books. Paperback 325 pages £11.95. Author website:
The legend of the Holy Grail rose to prominence at the very end of the 12th century but the origins of the story are far older than when Wolfram von Eschenbach was first inspired by the Arabic story. The author traces this mystical story through many countries, the Middle East, Germany, Wales, Ireland, Spain, France, England, Egypt and Greece, to name a few! Was it a cup, as the Vatican suggests, or was it a stone, a person, a code, an initiation, a secret knowledge, a cult, a doctrine or a Brotherhood. Original texts are examined and many aspects are researched, the Kabbalah, Cathars, astrology, Hermetic doctrine, numerology, the bardic tradition, spiritual quest, paganism, the Madonna and cathedral building.

The Fisher King, Percival and other major players are identified and their role explored. The story's connections to real life characters, such as John the Baptist and the importance of water and baptism are assessed and the Aragon royal family are included with other persons within the royal courts. This book is the result of an experiment. Originally blog instalments, a key was revealed that the Grail is not an artefact - a material object, but a process! 

There is a huge amount of research that underpins the information and assessments contained in this book. If you want to be an expert on the subject of the Grail, this is high on my list of books to read.
The author, Philip Coppens was a regular contributor to Nexus Magazine and Atlantis Rising magazine. He was an investigative journalist who had interests in politics, ancient history and mysteries. He co-hosted the Spirit Revolution radio show with his wife, Kathleen McGowan. We are sorry to hear of the death of this knowledgeable and able researcher and writer at the end of 2012. Other books by Philip Coppens are:
The Stone Puzzle of Rosslyn Chapel
The New Pyramid Age
Killing Kennedy
The Cryptogram of Rennes-le-Chateau
The Ancient Alien Question
The Lost Civilisation Enigma
Review by Wendy Stokes

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