Sunday, 30 July 2017

Jungian Tarot Psychology by Robert Wang

MBS Circle Network Book Review: Tarot Psychology - A Practical Guide to the Jungian Tarot by Robert Wang, published by Urania. Book has b/w scans of the cards, the title of the card, a subtitle of the archetype and a write-up of approx 600 words on each Major and approx 400 on the other cards. 

This is the book specifically designed to accompany the Jungian Tarot card deck. The book includes all the information you need to work with the 78 Jungian Tarot cards. These cards have been specially designed to provide a doorway into our inner world as per the psychology of the psychoanalysist, Carl Jung. Jung's  'individuation' process examines, through active imagination, the light and shadow self and leads to the true nature of life and death. Jung's archetypes connect us to the world's understanding, such as the positive and negative aspects of the mother. The intention of the work is to integrate these opposing energies through meditation and inner dialogue. The cards can be used for personal use or as a standard tarot deck for dvination for others. 
The cards have no titles or numbers but there is an appendix where numerology and astrology attributions are given. Meditations on the images within the cards is suggested and a conversation created to reveal emotions and memories which will become available for healing. For instance, our feelings towards authority figures, experiences of hardship, unhappiness and upset will be revealed alongside joy, hope, love, peace and laughter. 
The book explains a 24 week course in self study.
The 32 Major Arcana cards reflect the human condition and the book contains a 22 week course of meditations. The 16 Court cards are personalities for us to interact with within our mind's eye and to work towards a resolution of any conflicts that might rise within the mind. The 40 Minor Arcana are situations or events, decisions or behaviours which will also provide insights. 
I like this way of gaining self understanding but it helps a lot to have someone guiding me. If it was possible to place the meditations on youtube, I would use them daily. Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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