Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Oracle of the Golden Path

MBS Circle Network Card Deck Review: Wisdom of the Golden Path by Toni Carmine Salerno and illustrations by Yeuhui Tang published by Blue Angel Publishing, 45 full colour cards plus guidebook.

These cards are majestically beautiful. They are of a size which makes them works of art to work with. Most cards have an oriental look, with very sexy, sylph like girls and men who look ready for the defence of their country or their loved one from antique times. I think the deck is for those who like films and computer games. 

I have chosen some cards for a reading:
Inspired Warrior is the first. Your ininer worrior is awakening. It is time to take a stand for what you believe in. Inspired by inner spiritual fire, you are ready to face all challenges and obstacles and to move through these with courage, strength and resolve. You may find yourself standing up for others or protecting those less able to stand up for themselves. A fiery protective presence infused with love, compassion and kindness emanates from deep within you. This is felt by everyone and you gain much respect from others. The card signified strength, self-control, balance and wisdom. 
Affirmation:  The flame of love and strength glows brightly within me. I stand up for what I believe in and move through all challenges and obstacles with ease. My inner strength is infused with love. 
Inner Conflict: We have been conditions to label everything as either good or bad and automatically label  ourselves in this way also. This way of thinking creater inner conflict because it contradicts the laws of nature. You show others the parts of you that you like and try to hide other parts which you think are unlikeable. You fail to see how every quality you have is valuable and worthy of love. Everything about you is equally valuable and equally beautiful. You have chosen today this card because you are ready to move to a higher level of awareness. It is time to embrace all of who you are. time to accept things you dont like about yourself. Start to question why some of your long held beliefs are false and serve no useful purpose in your life. This card reflects a new start to empower yourself to feel whole. Inner harmony, success and happiness await you. Love and accept every part of you in unconditional love. 
Affirmation: I accept and love every part of me. I am beautiful just the way I am. Every trait I possess serves a purpose. I am worthy of unconditional love.
Flame of Inspiration: Your imagination is fertile at present and you soon feel inspired to create. As you tape into the infinite power of creativity youhold within you, new possibilities unfold. Keep an open heart and mind and be open to new ideas. Think outside the square but dont take things too seriously. Make this a time of fun and exploration. Be in touch with your inner child, the true artist within you. An idea will come to mind that will lead to an abundant and filfilling future. Try to relax over the coming days. The more you relax, the easier it will be. Spend some time in nature and feel her feertile and healing energies. This can be a time of exploration and romance, and enchanted and magical time. 
Affirmation: I hold infinite crative power. I am inspired by life. I keep an open mind and heart. I am open to new ideas. I am in touch with my inner artist.

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