Wednesday, 29 June 2016

Living With the Tarot

Circle Network book review: Living the Tarot by Amber Jayanti - Applying Ancient Wisdom to the Challenges of Modern Living. Introduction by Mary Greer. Practical ways to use the cards on an everyday basis, the book provides Qabalah, mythology, astrology, numerology, magick, Buddhist, Hindu and psychological perspectives, and how the tarot can be used for personal growth and self understanding. Only the 22 Major Arcana cards are profiled. 

A key allows something which is closed to be opened. 

The deck used to illustrate the tarot is the BOTA deck (Builders of the Adytum deck by Paul Foster Case) and black and white sketches are provided so the cards can be coloured. The author uses circumstances from her own life and from those of her students to illustrate problem solving methods and suggests useful questioning could be 'What am I failing to see in this situation?' It describes how you can find your life lesson for any given year, how the cards can help you achieve your purpose, and how to use the cards as signposts for a spiritual path as when we respond to the highest level of spiritual understanding we become complete as a person. You will arrive at enlightenment when you can express the energies of each card at its highest level of wisdom. Bring divinity closer into your life, find your individuality and your goals. Keeping a diary is suggested.

This book has an esoteric emphasis and presents a well-written and deep programme of study for using the tarot to shed light on life. 

The author also has written Tarot for Dummies. 

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