Wednesday, 1 November 2017

Lo Scarabeo Tarot

Circle Network Card Deck Review: 'Lo Scarabeo Tarot - The art of divining begins a new chapter' by Mark McElroy with artwork by Anna Lazzarini and published by Lo Scarabeo £17.99 

Nice slim-line cards 4.70" x 2.60". If someone has only one deck, this is the one to have! It is a combination of three premier tarot decks: The Waite-Smith, the Thoth, and the Tarot de Marseilles, and has been introduced by Lo Scarabeo as a flagship deck. It can be used for reflection and study or as a divination deck and the traditional meanings apply. It offers a flexible approach to divination suggesting the use of intuition though a good tarot book will be necessary for beginners as contained in the pack with the 78 cards is a little white instruction leaflet that gives just the card titles and two keywords, one for upright readings and one for reversed readings. A sample reading of the suggested 9 card 'Lo Scarabeo' spread is provided.

 Sample card, The Fool: We see him here step out on a sunny day
onto the clouds with hiseyes closed, his stick over his shoulder, a brazier in his hand and his dog running alongside him. He wears a feather in his cap, we wonder whether he will meet hardship if he trips, or whether he takes all life's events, good and bad, in his stride. He wears green, and though we see him, he can blend in with the background and be incognito. His boots are soft and will stand him in good stead for the long journey ahead.

The deck has finely drawn images which are elegant and delicately and subtly coloured. The backs are black with two scarabs in grey which do not reveal what the cards reveal. I enjoyband recommend this deck which provides soft, feminine readings, for a gentle approach! 

There is also a collectors Lo Scarabeo commemorative deck available which comes in a nicely packaged presentation bag.  

Mark McElroy is the author of: 
Putting the Tarot to Work
Taking the Tarot to Heart
What's in the Cards for You?
I Ching for Beginners
Absolute Beginner's Guide to Tarot

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