Sunday, 3 July 2016

Mlle Lenormand - Time-Life Books

Circle Network card deck review: Mlle Lenormand by AGM Urania are a deck of 36 cards based on the renowned 19th century card diviner, Marie Anne Lenormand of Paris. This is a special edition for Time-Life Books. The cards have no writing or numbers, just pictures on
the card faces which have a French 1700 ambiance (for instance, man on a horse with chateau in the distance and a lady in full French gown). Some cards have playing card features including court cards and each card carries a number and fancy M for Marie in a cartouche. These cards, known as the 'Blue Owl' were first produced in 1920 and originate in the Biedermeier period. A little white leaflet inside the pack provides information about Lenormand, how to shuffle, cut and layout the spread and what each card means and a sample reading is provided. The questioner/seeker is designated No 28 if a male or No 29 if a female. It is the position of the cards which determine the influences. All the cards can be laid out in a spread. Cards are 2 1/2 x 3 1/2 inches and are the size of traditional Lenormand cards. This deck gives the feel of the times, either in France or England, staid and centred! I like them and they are effective and inspirational for a reading. Review: Wendy Stokes

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