Tuesday, 1 December 2015

A West Country Sensitive - Chris Brooks

Born and raised amongst Wiltshire’s Sacred, Mythical and Megalithic sites, Stonehenge, Avebury, Silbury Hill, the Crop Circles, Ancient Burial sites and many others that date to times past, far beyond historical knowledge or records, it is my firm belief that there is a reason and a purpose as to why each and every one of us are born in the particular geological location we have been.

Although the reasons may not always be known it is fact that each person or group of people are a product of their surrounding natural environment via the evolving of many, many previous generations, all infused with the Natural Earth Energies from within their own particular global habitat.

Discovering an individual’s historical root is to understand the evolutionary makeup and the socially conditioned mind that can vary greatly across the numerous global regions that exist.

Many individuals search far and distant places in their quest for the secrets to life; secrets that elude or defy understanding but nevertheless are vigorously sought after by most all at some point during their lifetime.

Historical records inform that, almost without exception, past societies, tribal units and ancient civilisations have one common theme, that being an undeniable belief in the afterlife and an acceptance of a spiritual realm. It is probably safe to assume that this has been the way since the very beginning. 

If the core route is common to all, then all must also have an intuitive knowing at a fundamental level. With this in mind, each tribal region, although having evolved in differing ways over countless eons of time, would still retain or own all knowledge of their spiritual origins, therefore each would have no need to look for that which they seek other than inside of self, for this is where all things are known and all truth is to be found.

It is also fact that a supporting spiritual base surrounds within nature, with all of its regional diversities, without the need to look (other than to that which best relates) to non-other than ones very own doorstep; looking to the body’s very own original comfort zone, without a need for that which is belonging to another’s society or culture.

Man’s seeking has, in most cases, been due to a lack of inner contentment. Once inner knowing is understood or realised, contentment or spiritual fulfilment becomes a most natural happening.

The Truth behind “ALL” is the same, only the label or descriptive language differs.


Little mirror reflect on me

Am I the person I wish to see?

Am I a friend of who,

Looks back to look at you?

Ponder just a while longer,

Look at who is in there yonder.

See if some change is due,

For the one who looks back at you.

But don’t be hard, as you inspect,

All the bad it does reflect.

Be kind, and make them dearer.

The one who looks, out of the mirror.

 Knightly Dreams and Travel Ways is a story of dreams of times past also the dreams and the dragons we hold within, it is of inner spirit connection and the experiences of life's pathways, all of which may link with one's own life. https://www.amazon.com/Knightly-Dreams-Travel-Christopher-Brooks/dp/1844268837/ref=sr_1_1?s=books&ie=UTF8&qid=1472402416&sr=1-1&keywords=knightly+dreams+and+travel+ways


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