Monday, 26 September 2016

Sinead de hOra

Sinéad is a Physical Therapist and Intuitive Counsellor and has practices in Central London, Kent and Ireland.  
Each treatment experience is unique as Sinéad follows no set procedure. She designs each treatment in accordance with what your body's requirements, using Shiatsu, deep tissue, aromatherapy, lymphatic drainage, Balinese, reflexology, pregnancy massage, energy healing, energy reading, chakra balancing, Reiki, lomi lomi, Ayurvedic and Chinese philosophies, feng shui or whatever she feels is right for a specific client. 

Sinéad is also an Independent Business Advisor and uses the expansive knowledge gained while working in the beauty, holistic and wellbeing industry. After listening to your brand direction, mission statement and USP's, Sinéad will combine her experience to assist with various aspects of your business. Sinéad has a passion to empower others to follow their passion. Her Mentoring and Guidance Programme, workshops and motivational speaking are available for booking. After an initial meeting about your life and aspirations, she will devise an action plan on how you can achieve your goals. This guidance can include face-to-face meetings, Skype/FaceTime conversations, email, phone or via other common means.

This review is at her practice at the glamorous Akasha Holistic Wellbeing Centre, a part of the Cafe Royal Hotel in London’s Regent Street, within sight of the statue of Eros was published in Psychic a News magazine.

The centre is a five star, below ground labyrinth of sauna, pool, gymnasium, yoga, meditation, relaxation and treatment rooms. This is a very upmarket venue indeed and everyone from the doorman, commissionaire and receptionist is polished, polite with every hair in place. Sinead has studied a wide variety of body therapies for 10 years and, originally from Ireland, has been working in the UK for 6 years. She uses a selection of methods, such as reflexology, energy healing, Reiki, lomi lomi and several  others, including her abilities as a medium who is able to see the needs of the body and mind. She explained that every person has unique needs and she uses the most suitable techniques according to what she feels is most useful. I was asked to remove my outer clothing and lie on a comfortable massage table. The lights were dimmed and I began to relax while Sinead scanned me for energy information. 

She gives special attention to any area that she thinks is in need of attention and spent some time on my lower abdomen. She described some of my past lives, earliest memories and dreams. I asked her for any remedy she thought suitable and she suggested carrot and ginger and to drink more water. She spend most of the time on my feet, in a gentle massage which helped my body to relax deeply. I found this very emotional as I felt the weight of exhaustion and illness, the sometimes great needs of others over a long period of my life. I felt waves of energy moving through my body, shivers, tears, the need to stretch and yawn and then I felt a spirit in the room and that Sinead was being overshadowed by a male spirit healer. She said the room had filled with angelic beings, with light and colour. I was thinking of people who had hurt me and a stymied position with my doctors due to a complaint about my treatment. 

After the session, she told me the things she had sensed, such as a left knee problem, that the left side of my neck needed attention, and that my left shoulder was coming forward slightly to protect my heart and she noticed the excess energy in the region of my head. She was reasonably accurate with these though missed the full extent of my illness, perhaps because of the steroid drugs I am taking which successfully hide my disabilities. I asked her how she would evaluate how open I was to the treatment and she said, at first 4/10 and then 10/10. After the 90 minute treatment was completed, I went to lie down and make notes in the comfortable relaxation room. She follows up her clients after two days. I had maintained a sense of her calm presence and I felt as though something had moved, which is hard to describe, but I did feel a healing had taken place, more on an emotional level but perhaps also physically, but this would need a very long period to evaluate. I would say that Sinead is relaxed and creates a meditative space, and that she accesses focussed attention which is very healing and relaxing. She appeared to enter a light trance while she was working on my body and the messages, information and guidance she received was interesting. 

At this centre, fees are costly but it is very exclusive. £160 for 60 minutes and £190 for 90 minutes or a free session for magazine reviewers. Sinead does have treatment rooms at other venues in London and Kent. For information visit: T: 07904 608 177

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