Saturday, 14 January 2017

Oracle for 2017

Tarot oracle for 2017 with images from Mythic Oracle - Wisdom of the Ancient Greek Pantheon by Carisa Mellado with artwork by Michelle-Lee Phelan.

Give me my learning for 2017?

Zeus is the King of the Gods and Lord of Humankind. He rules the skies and is father of the planet. He holds the lightning bolt. The eagle, bull and oak are his symbols. Zeus revealed himself to Semele as a pure, intense, blinding flash of lightning so powerful, she was consumed. He is the Divine Spark of Life. A new divinity has been given to you. Your consciousness will undergo deep transformation as the lightning bolt awakens you with personal realisations and epiphanies. You will release old patterns and embrace new ways of being. Anything is possible! Be prepared!  

What do I need to accomplish?

Persephone tells us we achieve awakening through a mystery. She was kidnapped by Hades, her uncle who took her to his home to be his queen in the underworld. In grief, Demeter searches for her daughter, and all vegetation dies. Hades is commanded by Zeus to return Persephone, but he tempts her with pomegranate, and for each seed she tastes, she spends a month with him in his lair. She has lost her innocence and becomes caretaker of the dead whilst in the underworld, but her mother rejoices when she is released and the earth blooms and bears fruit and beauty is restored. She holds wisdom of both worlds, like a child who becomes an adult with the dawning of reality and truth - she has the wisdom of life and death. We cannot escape these realisations. The inner journey confronts fears, discovers our true nature and creates a new cycle. Everything becomes clearer and more empowering with the knowledge we have gained as we move through the dark space of the underworld and to light and life.  

Who can I turn to?
Athena, Goddess of Wisdom was born with a helmet, sword and shield and assists us in our outer and inner journeys. She chooses the best course of action. Her symbols are the olive tree which has so many uses and the owl which has a silent flight and can see behind. She represents clarity and balance of the heart and mind and she prepares a time to take stock by way of meditation or a daily journal. She helps heros win battles through intelligence and foresight. She instructs us to avoid dramas and deal with our inner life. Face yourself calmly and honestly and work out how best to begin the next phase of your life with Athena's kind assistance. Seek someone who channels Athena's wisdom.

Where can I go wrong? 
Pan is a nature deity of the forest, incorporating both the animal and human form. He is half goat and represents humankind's wild, free and basest disposition. He is playful but can also entice us to dangers. His panpipes are beguiling. We can use his energy, with boundaries, as he helps us connect to our passions and to the animal world which is without self-consciousness. He allows us to dance with abandon of what others might think. We spend too much time worrying about what we look like! Pan calls us to be natural, to be ourselves with passion and without artifice. What does this warning mean? That we are complacent, that we are too restricted or that we have been too unruly and self-centred?

What will benefit?
This card indicates a connection to something far greater than yourseld. Gaia represents our mother and is embodied in the planet and its resources which provide our food, water, shelter, warmth, coolness, enjoyments and necessities beyond imagination. Everything we have is provided from the Earth. Without caring for her health, everything dies. We need to weed our life of non-necessities and give her priority. We need to cut out that which is unhealthy or dead. This is a time to nurture the ground of the future times, to think ahead with care and love for all that nature provides, without which we have no future. Teach children to care for the planet's resouces, to reuse, recycle and renovate. Reading by Wendy Stokes  

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