Thursday, 15 June 2017

Cave and Cosmos

Circle Network Book Review: Cave and Cosmos - Shamanic Encounters with Another Reality by Michael Harner, paperback 301 pages £15.58, Kindle £10.50 published by North Atlantic Books.

Prof Harner, now in his 80s, is one of the earliest pioneers, advocates and investigators of indigenous shamanic cultures. He rediscovered shamanism and brought it to the west. He is know as the 'shamans' shaman' on account of his vast travelling and study of this subject matter as both an academic and a practitioner. The advantages of his sharing of personal experiences is that we can get a real insight into the nature of shamanism and of the indigenous shamans. Shamanism has been a life long passion and this book is the sequel to his classic book The Way of the Shaman, upon which he made his name as a dedicated researcher and practitioner.

Michael Harner is the founder of the Foundation of Shamanic Studies which is a non profit educational organisation. Shamanism is an oral tradition but this book is urgently written to pass on the knowledge gathered by the author over the past 50 years. It is an academic book but it includes 'how to' style practical information, with the author's own core techniques of a personal journey of contacting spirit and animal teachers visited in the upper world through the rainbow or the lower world through the cave (all 3 worlds are detailed), providing opportunities to hear heavenly music and receive spiritual healing. I found this book inspirational and recommend it for anyone wishing to make a serious study of this subject by a master practitioner, academic and leading light, whether they be a beginner or an experienced seeker.

Other books by this author include:

The Way of the Shaman - A Guide to Power and Healing
Hallucinogenics and Shamanism (edited by Michael Harner)
The Jivaro People of the Sacred Waterfalls
And with Robin M Wright as co author: Mysteries of the Jaguar Shamans of Northwest Amazon

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