Wednesday, 28 June 2017

Christiane Northrup MD Oracle Deck

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom Oracle Cards by Christiane Northrup MD published by Hay House, boxed set of 50 cards plus an information booklet.

New York Times best-selling author, Christiane Northrup is an Assistant Clinical Professor at the University of Vermont women's health expert and also has a paperback available with the same title as this card deck along with many CDs and audio materials. 
The deck has five suits which focus on Key Life areas: Fertility & Creativity; Partnership; Nurturance/Self Care; Self-Expression; Enlightened Heart & Mind. 
Each of these 5 suits contain 10 Developmental Steps: Imagine/Allow; Prepare; Flexibility Within Structure; Hierarchy vs. Partnership; Risk vs. Safety; Active vs. Passive; Channel Clearly; Regroup; Complete & Move On. Each card has 50-100 word message on the topic which is young at heart and sensible. Information on how to best use the cards, with spreads for daily guidance or to take a card before bed. Other spreads offer 4 cards for a simple relationship reading, 4 cards for life purpose, 5 cards for guidance, 7 cards for relationship, 7 cards for guidance on group or family dynamics, for current family dynamics as many as you like, 5 cards for individual family members, 7 card abundance spread, 7 for health and healing, 17 for chakras, 4 for conditional health matters and there is a one month guidance calendar. Pretty pastel cards designed by self-taught Jena DellaGrottaglia. 

Enlightened Heart & Mind - Perfection vs. Imperfection: Gather the information you need before making important decidsions, but be comforted that it is not impossible to know everything in advance. When you don't have all the facts, will your heart always give you the right answer? Understand the limits of your mind. You can't know everything. Progress occurs only when you move forward despite uncertainty. 
Fertility and Creativity which is subtitled, Hierarchy-v-Partnership. We are asked to look at the relationships we attract and whether we can share power with others in an equal way or is one person making the bulk of important decisions. A true partnership has equal value and equal power. Is there one person who always leads or who always follows? Working effectively together with others involves knowing when to give way, and when to be proactive. The person who assumes most responsibility also takes the most risks and makes the rules. Mutuality is the best way forward.  Offer and seek out true equality.

Reading by Wendy Stokes

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