Thursday, 6 April 2017

Eternal Crystals

Circle Network Card Deck Review: Eternal Crystals Oracle Cards by Jade-Sky, published by Blue Angel, £14.99 with 44 cards and booklet in the set. Each of the 44 cards (5.4" x 4") has a title of a gemstone and a number, an energy that the card relates to and which chakra relates to the gemstone. Also provided is a channelled message for giving special attention to life and healing, guidance and direction with suitable questions. Spreads are a one card, Heart of the Matter Layout, a 3 card Past, Present and Future Layout, and Diamonds in the Future 7 card layout. Jade-Sky is an Australian psychic who also offers workshops. The cards are artworked by Jane Martin who is a life-coach. Ideal for new readers and for more experienced readers who would like a specific card deck devoted to crystals. It is a nice deck! Enjoyable!

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