Friday, 2 June 2017

Deborah Lipp - Tarot

Circle Network Book Review: Tarot Interactions - Become More Intuitive, Psychic & Skilled at Reading Cards by Deborah Lipp, published by Llewelyn 252 pages paperback £16.99

The author is an initiated Gardnarian witch and high priestess of a coven and teaches Wicca and pagan practices. She has 30 years experience of Tarot. She is keen to express the importance of 'seeing the big picture'. The combinations of possible tarot readings is astronomical, 25,000 combinations easily. With the use of ten or more cards, we approach a quarter of a million possible combinations!

This book can be used by beginners or advanced readers, and can be used with any tarot deck. A variety of card decks are discussed, shown in black and white scans. There is information for oracle deck readers, how to read cards in 3 steps with useful exercises, experiments and games to make this an interesting card workbook. It seeks to build confidence and gives advice on a search for self knowledge as a requirement and explains how other disciplines interact with Tarot, such as Kabbalah, astrology, esoteric arts, herbalism, dreams, Meditation,  numerology, storytelling, journalling and inspired writing are all espoused. Most important when reading cards, is how they relate to each other in a spread, the patterns they make, cards which are present and those missing. How to choose a layout, whether past, present and future, Celtic cross, y es/no layout, Vitruvian Man, full life and snapshot, all provided. Reversals are not left out and sample readings are included. Major Arcana and Minor Arcana cards all have keywords. There are tips on how to create your own layouts. The author advises on using particular verbal terminology while providing a reading and suggests how to phrase information, ask questions and when to avoid asking questions. Also there is an explanation for reading cards for yourself and reading for regular clients and strangers, and how to set a fee. Do the homework and keep your journal up to date. This is a helpful book to have in your library! 

I found the information interesting, well presented and suitable for all levels of reader. 
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Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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