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Gold and Silver Guardian Angels by Angela McGerr

Circle Network Oldie Goldie Card Review: Gold and Silver Guardian Angels By Angela McGerr 144 book plus 144 small cards
Published by Quadrille £12.99 Author’s website:

This deck is designed to help make contact with angels and invite them into your daily life, to enrich you, balance you and provide harmony and integration. The book provides a page for each of the named angels, their attributes and powers, written in the first person. Each of the cards carry an angel’s name and a message. For instance from the Golden Guardians 'Eth – Manage your time more effectively' or 'Zadkiel – Hold fast to your integrity and principles'. From the Silver Guardians, ‘Adiel - Allow a certain situation to wind down’ or 'Barakiel – Show sensitivity and understanding to others'. From the Key to Balance Cards, 'The Key is Monday and Hope' and 'The Key is silver and the power of the full moon'. There are 48 Golden Guardians, 48 Silver Guardians and 48 Key to Balance Cards.

The book suggests three methods of using the small cards: to choose one, two or three cards as often as you like or you can look up an angel that you need at the time when you need it. You can also work through the entire deck, learning of each of the angels.

The instructions provided in the book are to invoke the angels by calling the name of their name three times to bring their spiritual energy, recite the short message and then say ‘In love and light’ three times, such as ‘Raphael, Raphael, Raphael! Please bring me your Golden energy, in love and light, in love and light, in love and light!

There is a guide at the back of the book for cross-referencing the A – Z of angels. For instance, if you are moving house, you look up the angel to assist with this task. You look up the appropriate page for this angel and learn more about their assistance. There are angel affirmations, a simple meditation and a colour and chakra chart also provided.

Also by the same author, and published by the same publisher, 'Heart & Soul Angel Cards - Angelic guidance in linking your heart's desire with your soul's purpose' are presented in a quality rose pink silk pack with a full colour booklet explaining how to use the cards which are illustrated by Richard Rookwood. Also, in this series, are other angel decks, where information is channelled and requires study. And I would say are designed for the person who seriously wants to use channelled cards which focus on Angels
In addition to the above, 'Love & Light Angel Cards' by the same author are presented in a lavender silk pack, once again with full colour booklet which explains the complex method of working withthe cards. 'Harmony Angel Cards' are by the same author and are part of this set of card decks, this time presented in a silver blue silk pack. 
Other card decks by the author:
Angelic Abundance
An Angel Every Day  

Quadrille also have published 'Gypsy Fortune Telling Cards' by Julia Parker with illustrations by Katherine Baxter in a similar shiny attractive presentation box with cards and booklet. Well presented and not what you would expect!  

Reviewer: Wendy Stokes:

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