Tuesday, 6 February 2018

Symbolon Cards

Circle Network Review of Symbolon card deck by Peter Orban, Ingrid Zinnel and Thea Weller, published by US Games Inc. 80 cards in the pack with an instruction leaflet that explains the use the cards and provides information on each card. There are no suits or court cards but some cards bear a resemblance to tarot images. The artwork is representational and loosely based on fairy tales, myths and archetypes and is designed to make what is unconscious more conscious, to assist with personal insight. The deck is for reflection, to summon the past, not the future. They are not intended for use for fortune telling or prediction. There are no 'yes' or 'no', only why, how, who, what and when! Each card provides 'the problem', 'the way through' and 'the solution'. I have enjoyed working with this deck in a new and creative way which is more about understanding the self than attempting to predict the future.

Symbolon is a deck which represent aspects of the self which are ready to be brought into consciousness. There are infinite possibilities in life. By meditating on a card, we bring its energy to life. We might ask when we draw a card: what conversations are taking place? What is being planned? Or more specific questions, such as: Is someone being deceived in the picture? If so, whom might it be? The cards can be used with or without astrological reading and the main object is to ask what we can learn about ourselves. The deck is dedicated to Mnemosyne, Goddess of Memory, Mother of the Muses. There are no easy solutions to life's most difficult problems but awareness helps us make better choices as we grow in understanding.

Choose a card from a shuffled deck with your non dominant hand, if you are left handed, use the right hand - this is your card for the day, to lend its wisdom to your thoughts and decisions.

I have chosen: ‘Phoenix’ which tells us that determination is required in order for us to ‘rise from the ashes’. All is not lost and so much can be recovered through persistence and hard work. If you feel at a loss, remember that new beginnings refresh us and revive us. Now is the time to start!  Go for it!

I enjoy using this deck which has some cards which are very similar to the tarot, yet some are very different. I like the way the cards highlight potentials and possibilities. Some use this deck to suggest possible past lives. The cards reflect us, our thoughts, beliefs, actions, desires, skills and abilities. Try it!  Reviewer: Wendy Stokes

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