Tuesday, 26 December 2017

Gnostic Healing

Circle Network Book Review: Gnostic Healing - Revealing the Hidden Power of God by Tau Malachi and Siobhan Houston, published by Llewelyn Publications, 190 pages, Paperback £12.99

"We are all an emanation of the divine"

For those who enjoy deep metaphysical study, these two academics have put together a practical sysnthesis of 'Sophian Gnosticism', based on understanding which combines healing with Christianity, Kabbalah and Rosicrucian belief. The instruction is easy to follow and designed to facilitate a spiritual awakening and there is an importance stressed on the development of inner life. There are suggestions on how to work with negative people, for the laying on of hands, a healing for the self image and a text for invoking the Holy Guardian angel. There is a section with a Gnostic prayer for the dying and baptism for the dead.

You will find meditations, prayer, devotions, sacred ceremony, breathing methods, vocalisation, gesture, invocation, sacred tools, information for the healing of body and mind. The book acts a spiritual a teacher and is a 'how to' for healers to use in their healing practice. You do not need to have prior knowledge of healing, though belief in God is a pre-requisite, and acceptance of angels, Jesus and healing is required. Reiki, flower essences, etc., can be used alongside this method, as can allopathic treatment. Usually no money is accepted for this healing which is offered free of charge and without judgement. For beginners or experienced healers. I found it interesting! Tau Malachi is an independent apostolic Bishop and founder of the Sophian Fellowship. Siobhan Houston is a feminist writer of 'Accessing Wisdom of the Divine Feminine' and 'Priests, Gnostics and Magicians' and 'Invoking Mary Magdelene'.

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