Wednesday, 10 October 2018

Horik Svensson

Circle Network review: The Runes - The Future Revealed with the Ancient Norse System of Divination by Horik Svensson, published by Carlton Books. Box set contains 25 ceramic stones bearing a runic letter, a hessian bag, an explanatory instruction book. 
The word 'rune' means 'whispered secret'

The stones are terracotta colour and suitable for throwing and are to be kept in the hessian bag when not in use. The book contains history, myths and philosophy, poetry and artwork of the Viking era, the tribal peoples of Northern Europe. There is information on how to meditate, how to consecrate, how to use a cloth for a reading and how to prepare and read the runes. Each letter of the runic alphabet was venerated in ancient times and has a meaning which is described in the book. The runes can be read both upright and reversed. The reading is not about predicting a specific outcome, but points out the dynamics and the option which lead to possible outcomes. More about how to make a conscious decision about a particular matter. We have free will always. It might be limited but it is always present. What God are you relating to? What archetype are you acting out? Talismans, cursing, numerology and symbolism are included as well as information about ethics which is of value to readers. 

Spreads: One rune reading; 3 rune reading; Simple Cross; Heimdales; Four Quarters; Astrological. 

Sample reading: The symbol of Peorth - this represents a question mark because its meaning is lost in antiquity. It could represent an Apple, a chess piece, a dice cup, a tune or a hearth. So how do we understand this enigma? It might represent a secret or something hidden or a sensitive matter. When this card appears, it can signify something that the seeker is not being fully honest about, or perhaps is labouring under an illusion. This card usually has a positive meaning. A secret might be revealed that can enable the seeker to move forward. Affairs of the heart could be resolved. Other stone symbols are Jara - Harvest; Othel - Home; Wyrd - Fate; Eolh - Protection; Geofu - Gift. 

Review: Wendy Stokes

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